Best volleyball players of all time

Volleyball is an amazing sport to follow. This popular sport has lots of quality leagues held in different countries from time to time. It is divided into the beach and indoor volleyball. Both categories have great players.

Laura Ludwig – one of the best volleyball players

This is among the best volleyball players that are known for winning different championships. Laura Ludwig has won the Olympic gold medal, FIVB world championship, and European championship. She has been playing beach volleyball and has managed to beat the likes of Larissa France and Talita Antunes.

Yekaterina Gamova

If you wish to participate in volleyball betting from Betzest, you should find out the best players in this sports history. Yekaterina Gamova is a force to reckon with. She is a Russian player that stands at 6-foot-8. She helped her team win silver medals during the 2004 and 2000 Olympics.

Yekaterina Gamova set the record for scoring the most points during one Olympics. Apart from the silver medals, she also won two world championships in 2006 and 2010. During her career, Yekaterina Gamova also took the FIVB world championship MVP.

Kim Yeon

Kim Yeon is among the best female volleyball players and among the richest in the world. This player was so good in the London Olympics that she got the MVP. She is also famous for scoring the most points in a single Olympics.

The best volleyball player under the men’s category is Sergio Santos

Sergio Santos has become a living legend in his country due to his excellent performance. In 2004, he won a gold medal during the Athens Olympics. The Brazilian volleyball player led the national team to win the gold medal in Rio Olympics in 2016. He became the first back row player to win the FIVB world league MVP. During his career, he has managed to win more than 20 gold medals in different volleyball tournaments.

Saied Marouf

Many people know Saied Marouf for winning the sportsman of the year. This volleyball player is a great setter who is among the highest-paid players in the world. Due to his amazing natural skills in this sport, Saied Marouf has a contract of $1 million per year.  He managed to win two Asian championships in 2013 and 2019. This volleyball player also won the European champions league and 2 Asian cups.

Which is the best volleyball team in the world?

Apart from knowing the best players, you should also understand the best volleyball teams before you start betting on this sport. According to reports, Brazil is the highest-ranked volleyball team and the best in the world. The Brazilian National team has amazing players that take up different positions. The team has managed to get more than 60 gold medals over the years. It has at least three gold medals in the World Cup and the World Championship. Some of the well-known players that make up this team include Lucas and Wallace.