Welcome to the home of exciting casino table games. Betzest offers more than 100 blackjack variants that you can try. We do this to give you plenty of opportunities to make money from this game. Since blackjack has favorable odds, you can easily make significant winnings from it.

Betzest gives experienced players a chance to play this game live. Our live casino can provide you a more interactive experience. You can access all your favorite variants at any time you want to. Feel free to use our generous bonuses for you to play this game. Since we are a well-regulated casino, you don’t have to worry about security issues.

Why play the blackjack game from Betzest

Most of our bettors are attracted to this game since it has a simple learning curve. Instead of setting so many rules for this game, blackjack contains straightforward rules that you can learn within a few minutes. Betzest gives our gamers a chance to have fun while playing this game and focus on sharpening their skills.

Betzest also set a low house edge on most of the variants. We give you better odds of winning in this game. Playing blackjack here also allows you to set your own pace. Since we do not pressure you to make moves, you can play blackjack in a relaxed manner. Our players cannot get enough of the bonuses we keep on offering for such games. You can take advantage of our welcome bonus and daily bonuses while playing this game. Betzest has a lot of incentives for newbies and experienced bettors that they can use to continue engaging.

How to play blackjack

We encourage all our bettors interested in blackjack cards to start by learning the rules. Betzest offers the fun mode that you can use to learn blackjack rules. This casino game is based on a 52 card deck. Betzest offers both multi-deck and single deck blackjack to cater to the preferences of different gamers.

Before the beginning of the game, you have to place a bet. Betzest offers reasonable betting limits to avoid leaving out any fan from engaging. Once you have placed the bet, you will get two cards. As you play this game, your objective should be to create a hand that is closest to 21.

Every card that you get at the beginning of a variant has a particular value. For instance, the face cards are worth ten, while ace is worth 11. According to our blackjack rules, you can make different moves while playing this game. For instance, you can ask for any extra card if you wish to improve your hand, or you can stand if you don’t want another card.

Since this is a mathematical game, you also have to use the strategy to boost your winning chances. The strategy represents the right way of playing each hand.  According to the basic blackjack strategy, if you get a pair of aces during your gameplay, you should always split them. You should avoid breaking a pair of tens.

At Betzest, we offer payouts of this game at a rate of 3:2. This can help you win more. If, for instance, you bet at a blackjack variant with $10, you may receive $15 for the winning hand due to our impressive rate. Using the right blackjack strategy can help you lower the house edge further to gain more from this game.

Check out the types of blackjack we offer

Apart from learning how to play blackjack, you should also experiment with different variants. Betzest offers numerous types of blackjack that you should try out. Some of the variants we have include Blackjack double exposure, single deck blackjack, European blackjack, blackjack MH, and RNG blackjack.

We give our players an interesting twist in each variant. These games differ in many aspects, such as the number of decks they use, the rules, and the house edge. Start by picking one variant and learning everything about it. You can even use our bonuses, such as the no deposit bonus, to play a blackjack variant without investing your cash.

Use these tips as you play casino blackjack

If you like playing table games while interacting with others, you should consider our live platform that offers a variety of choices like: blackjack, online roulette, baccarat etc. Betzest gives you the chance to play this casino game live. In this form, you can implement different systems, including card counting. This tactic only works while playing the game live. For online blackjack games, you should use other useful tips. Start by placing small stakes at a blackjack table. Betzest allows you to bet on this game with a small amount.

Once you are comfortable with the flow of the game, you can now adjust your betting limits. Take your time to analyze your gameplay after every session. Doing this can help you figure out what worked and what did not while playing blackjack cards.

Have you always wanted to make significant blackjack wins? You are at the right place. Betzest can help you achieve this since we offer so many blackjack variants that you can play. We allow you to play our simple blackjack variants from different platforms, including the live casino. If you enjoy betting while on the move, feel free to play these games on a mobile device.


Should I be a math expert to win in blackjack?

No. Though the basic strategy is developed by utilizing math and statics, you don’t have to be an expert to win in this game. You only need to follow the available strategy charts to succeed in this game.

How does single deck blackjack differ from multiple deck blackjack?

Multiple deck blackjack has a higher house edge than the single deck blackjack. Betzest offers both options for you to choose a suitable one.

Can I win in this casino game?

Yes. We at Betzest offer blackjack variants that are beatable. Since the odds favor players, you only need to use the right skills to earn significant blackjack wins.

Does cheating happen in casino blackjack?

Betzest ensures that no one can cheat while playing such casino games. At online blackjack, the results of each game are random.

Can other gamers’ moves affect my gameplay?

If you choose to play this game from our live casino, you should ignore how other gamers are engaging since you only play against the house and not any other player.