If you have been searching for social and simple table games to play, look no further. Betzest presents online roulette, an exciting game that many bettors enjoy. We give you a chance to play this game without risking any cash. You can choose to play this game on our fun mode.

Betzest is the best provider of this game since we offer diverse variations. If you want more action, you can even play this exciting game through our live casino. We give you a more interactive experience while playing casino roulette since you get to watch as the roulette wheel spins fast and even communicate with the rest of the participants. You can also access our variations through a mobile device.

We offer such games 24/7 so that you never miss a betting opportunity. Our support team can help you out at any time. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will enjoy our secure gaming platform.

Why you should play roulette for free at Betzest

At Betzest, we aim at giving our players a unique experience. To play roulette, all you need to do is pick specific numbers and wait for the wheel to spin. If you correctly predict where the ball will land after the spin, you win the game. Our site offers this simple game, especially to beginners who are not used to using complex strategies while gambling.

Apart from offering simple casino games, Betzest is licensed and well regulated. Our gamers have peace of mind while engaging in these variations since they don’t have to worry about unfairness or rigging. Playing this game for free enables you to learn the roulette rules to increase your chances of winning.

Betzest can also help you save some cash while playing this game. We offer a no deposit bonus of $5 and a match deposit bonus of up to 100%. Our site also has daily offers that you can utilize while playing this game.

The different types of bets in a roulette game

Since this is a luck-based game, you don’t have to learn very complex skills to win. Betzest offers two different types of bets to gamers. You can either focus on insider bets or outside bets. You can make different types of inside bets. If, for instance, you place a bet on one number, this is referred to as a straight bet. Betzest also allows gamers to place other forms of inside bets such as a street bet, corner bet, or split bet.

We also allow gamers to place all kinds of outside bets. This gives you a chance to make bets on different groups of numbers.  For instance, you can place high or low bets or bet on a winning color. The color can either be red or black. You can even play roulette by placing an even or odd bet.

Betzest prioritizes giving gamers so many betting opportunities. If you are still learning the roulette rules, you should consider sticking to our free mode so that you can get familiar with these types of bets.

Try playing our exciting casino roulette variations

One of the things that make us dominate the industry is our diversity. Betzest offers numerous variations of this game. Some of them include the following.

European variant– Its wheel contains numbers ranging from 1-36. Apart from these numbers, it also includes the number 0. This game can help you enjoy better odds than other variations. Betzest offers impressive payouts for this game.

American variant– Rather than having the 37th number in the wheel, this variant has a 38th number. The inclusion of a double zero in this variation leads to a bigger house edge compared to the European version. If you choose this version, ensure you use the right roulette strategies to lower the house edge.

French variant– Betzest also offers this version to bettors looking for a new twist. Like the European variant, this game also contains 37 numbers. To distinguish it from the European variant, we include different bets in this variation, such as the insurance-style bets. This game also contains unique rules that you should get familiar with, such as the La Partage and En Prison rule.

The Live dealer version- You don’t have to incur any expenses to play your favorite casino game. Betzest offers live roulette, which can give you a more immersive experience. You can interact with an actual croupier and the rest of the players. This is possible since we at Betzest use advanced technology to create a fascinating platform that can help you play this game live. Ensure you learn the right roulette strategies to implement in the live platform.

How to choose the best online roulette variant for you

Though you can never lack a variant to play at Betzest, you need to choose a suitable one. Start by assessing your level of experience with such games. If you have none, take advantage of our free play opportunities. Learning how the variants differ is important before wagering with real cash. Regardless of the option you choose, always remember to prioritize having fun.

Play roulette for free today and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. Betzest can give you a good time since we allow you to play this game without risking your hard-earned cash. We offer exciting variations of this game and give you the chance to place all kinds of bets on it. 

Remember, no matter if you choose to play blackjack, roulette, video poker or any type of casino table games, always have fun! Enjoy!


What kind of support do you offer roulette players?

You can reach us through live chat or email. Betzest not only offers 24/7 support but also support in different languages.

Can I enjoy small limits when betting online on this game?

Yes. Betzest accommodates even players on a budget. We set small betting limits to encourage everyone to engage.

Should I chase a certain trend when betting on this game?

No. This cannot help you since the previous results of a roulette game do not have any impact on future results.

How much can I make while playing this game?

You can make any amount depending on your skills in the game and how you implement the strategy.

Can the roulette wheel be rigged?

No. Betzest used the random number generator on such games to eliminate rigging. Our site is also audited from time to time to confirm accuracy.