If you looking for the best esports odds, you are at the right place. Betzest offers so many esports that you can bet on, including Dota. This is a well-known competitive Esport that offers prize pools of about $30 million. Since Valve Corporation came up with this multiplayer game, Betzest has been offering different ways to bet on it. Engaging in dota betting from here can help you make some extra cash. We are the best providers of Esport dota betting odds. Betzest accommodates not only experienced bettors but also beginners.

Learn the basics before engaging in dota betting

Before you start checking our Esports Dota odds, it is important to learn the basics of Esports Dota. This multiplayer game involves two teams that consist of five players that compete against one another. In Dota, the team players work hard to destroy an enemy building known as the ancient, which is found at the center of the opponent’s base.

In Dota, every player uses different heroes that have certain strengths and weaknesses. The players can boost the abilities of the heroes by buying certain items. They also operate in a particular region of the map. Once you understand these basics, you can now check the numerous betting markets that Betzest offers.

How to engage in online Esport Dota betting

Betzest offers diverse betting markets for all the major Dota tournaments such as the summit, ESL, Dota Pit League, and Asus ROG Dreamleague. You can start engaging in online Esport Dota betting by focusing on the match-winner. In this option, Betzest gives you the chance to back either of the teams to win.

Betzest gives Dota 2 fans another betting market known as the map winner. Here, you can predict which team has the highest chance of winning a particular map.

You can also bet on Esport Dota by focusing on the correct score market. This involves predicting how you think a match will end. If you choose this market, Betzest will give you four options which include the first team to win 2.0 or 2-1 or the second team to win 2-0 or 2-1. You only need to pick the score that you predict will happen. Betzest also offers other unique Betting markets, such as first blood. In this, you have to predict the specific team that you think will kill first on a particular map. Pay attention to the Esport Dota betting odds that we offer as you choose a suitable market.

Bet on Esport Dota live

Apart from betting on a match before it begins, Betzest also allows you to place bets on a Dota match as it progresses. In live betting, we allow you to place bets on teams to win particular rounds as the action unfolds. We also offer great Esport Dota odds that you can use while engaging in in-play betting. Using our Esport Dota odds can help you make more informed decisions.

The Esport Dota betting tips you should use

Though Betzest can give you an enjoyable time as you bet on this Esport, you can minimize losses by using Esport Dota betting tips. Before betting on a team, look at its previous results. Check whether a team has undergone many roster changes. This can help you determine how strong a team is. Also, utilize the free bets that Betzest offers to earn more during betting.

Betzest gives you a simple way to bet on this esport. You only need to register with us today to enjoy this game.

No matter if we are talking about dota or esports motorsports betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite esport! Have fun!


How much should I place on the line Esport Data?

We recommend that you start betting with small amounts as you learn the game.

What kind of promotions do you offer?

Betzest offers welcome bonuses and has a good loyalty program that can help you enjoy regular promotions.

How much do professional Dota gamers make?

Professional gamers make millions of money from Dota.

How can I improve my chances of succeeding while betting on this esport?

Using the right esport betting strategy can help.

What are some of the special bets in this esport?

Betzest offers different special bets for Esport dota. For instance, we allow you to predict the first team that is likely to destroy the towers.