Are you a fan of esports betting? Since Blizzard Entertainment came up with StarCraft, so many people took an interest in this game. At Betzest, we have been offering online Esport StarCraft betting opportunities for years. We give you a chance to bet on this real-time strategy game and make some cash from it. Betzest is the best provider of this esport game since we offer diverse options that our bettors can pick from. You will also appreciate our excellent Esport StarCraft odds.

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Learn the game before engaging in online Esport StarCraft betting

Before you bet on this esport, you should understand the gameplay. StarCraft is a fast-paced game that involves two players that compete against one another. The players who engage in this game have to multitask and be good at coordination. The game is played over a particular number of maps. Each player works hard to win at least two maps to beat the opponent.

StarCraft players have to choose at least one of the three races or species that are previously picked. These races include Zerg, Protoss, and Terrans. Each of these races has unique game mechanics, buildings as well as units. For you to engage in this video game, you can bet on one of the players. Betzest gives you so many ways for you to start placing bets on a specific player.

Why you should bet on Esport StarCraft from Betzest

Getting an account with us can help you enjoy betting on this esport. Betzest aims at making your experience as simple as possible. We not only provide room for experienced bettors to engage but also newbies. Betzest also covers all of the biggest tournaments on this esport.

Betzest has the best Esport StarCraft odds and markets

One of the crucial things you should be keen on when betting on Esport StarCraft is the odds.  At Betzest, we take pride in offering the best Esport StarCraft betting odds on the biggest tournaments. Once you register an account here, you can start exploring our diverse betting markets. Some of them include the following.

Moneyline bets-If you don’t want complicated markets, you can focus on money line bets. This involves predicting which player will win a match.

Outright bets-Betzest also offers this market that focuses on tournament results. You can, for instance, predict which player you think will win an entire tournament.

Special bets– We also offer special bets that focus on specific aspects of a game. You have to pay close attention to Esport StarCraft betting odds and understand the game well to succeed in this option.

The Esport StarCraft betting tips you should use

Specializing is important as you bet on Esport StarCraft. Pick a particular region and focus on a section of a game. Doing this enables you to have enough time to do comprehensive research so that you can make more informed decisions. Also, do not overlook our incentives. Using these Esport StarCraft betting tips can help you succeed.

Betzest is the best since we work hard to fulfill the needs of all of our Esport StarCraft bettors. Start betting with us today and enjoy every minute.

No matter if we are talking about starcraft or dota betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite esport! Have fun!


What is StarCraft?

This is one of the real-time strategy games that involves two players competing against one another.

Can I get assistance at night if I have an issue betting on this sport?

Yes. Since Betzest offers customer service round the clock, you can get assistance at any time.

Is betting on Esport StarCraft safe?

Yes. Betzest provides a safe platform for you to bet on this video game with no worries.

Can I win real cash from betting on this esport?

Yes. Betzest gives you a chance to win real cash as you watch a game you enjoy.

How do the odds in Esport StarCraft work?

The odds in Esports StarCraft are not different from traditional sports odds. Betzest sets the odds after considering factors such as the current form of players and the results of previous matches.