How does basketball betting work?

Basketball is among the four major sports that many people across the globe pay attention to. If you have been betting on football before, you will not find basketball betting very hard. Betzest allows you to bet on this famous sport from the comfort of your home. You should first understand how this form of sports betting works.

Basketball betting lines explained

During different basketball leagues, Betzest allows you to wager on this sport through various markets. Basketball betting lines refer to the odds presented for a certain event. They show the implied probability of a basketball team to win in an upcoming event. Before you bet on this sport, you should utilize the odds converter to check the implied probability of a basketball team to win.

When focusing on moneyline odds, you should be able to identify the favored team and the underdog. The odds for the favored team come with a negative sign. Those for the underdog come with a positive sign. Backing the underdog can help you make more cash than backing the favorite if the basketball team wins.

How to bet on basketball

You can bet on this sport by choosing from a wide range of options available at an online betting platform. Some of them include the following.

Point spread betting

Most punters like focusing on the point spread since it can be profitable. This method balances the difference in skill between unequal basketball teams. Before setting basketball betting odds, a bookmaker has to analyze two teams and consider different factors such as key injuries and current form. It then calculates the perceived point spread between these teams.

If you choose this betting option and back the favorite, the team has to win by more than the set spread for your bet to be successful. If you back the underdog, it has to lose by less than the set spread or win outright for you to win the bet.

Totals basketball betting explained

This is also another form of wager that you can choose as you bet on this sport. The online bookmaker offers over/under odds that you should check before you start betting. It predicts the total number of points that both basketball teams are likely to score in an upcoming match.

You can now predict whether the final score will be under or over that number. If, for instance, the number set is 222.5 points and you bet over, both teams have to score a total of 223 points or more. If you bet under, they have to score 222 points or less for your bet to be successful.

Futures betting

You can also engage in basketball betting by focusing on futures. These are long-term bets that focus on the overall results of a team or a player. You can, for instance, predict which team you think will win the NBA or which player is likely to be named NBA MVP. Futures odds open before the beginning of the season.