How does basketball betting works in Canada?

Basketball is a famous sport in Canada. If you follow up on different tournaments and leagues related to this sport, you should consider betting on it. Betzest allows you to engage in basketball betting in different ways. To bet on basketball, you first have to choose a specific game you wish to bet on. Since the site lists different upcoming games, you should ensure that you pick the right game before engagingin online basketball betting. Onceyou do this, you can now decide the type of bet you should make. There are numerous types of bets that you can pick from. Some of them are discussed as follows.

Point spread basketball

Before an upcoming basketball game, Betzest sets certain point spreads to level out the chances of either of the basketball team winning. It offers a disadvantage or advantage to precise teams. If you choose point spread basketball, you have to place a wager on which specific team you predict will win in a game. You also have to predict the point margin by which the team will win. If you bet on the favorite to win and the team manages to cover the spread, then you will win the bet.

Basketball futures

This is also another common bet type that most punters choose. In this option, one is allowed to make long-term predictions. For instance, you can bet on different topics, such as predicting which team you think will succeed in the finals. Basketball futures are open before the season as well as throughout the entire year.

Moneyline betting

Most beginners in Canada choose to bet on basketball by focusing on this market. This is simple since you only have to predict which team you think has the highest chance of winning in a basketball game. You don’t have to predict the specific number of points that will be scored. You should consider the odds listed for each team as you focus on this market.


You can also engage in basketball betting through this option. The total refers to the combined score of both of the basketball teams. Betzest sets the odds for this market after considering factors such as the current form of teams and past performance. You have to predict if you think the score will be under or over the set total. If you make the right predictions, then you win the bet.

No matter if you are searching for Canadian basketball betting tips or you’re searching for advice on online basketball betting, Betzest offers all the information you need!