How does water polo betting work?

Water polo is one of the most interesting Olympic Games to watch. It is like the swimming version of the handball game. Though this game is common during the Olympics, bookmakers such as Betzest cover different water polo events that take place in different periods. If you wish to engage in water polo betting, you can focus on events such as the Fina World league, the NCAA, or Water Polo Len Cup.

Before you bet on water polo, you should learn the basics. The water polo game involves a team of 7 players that competes against another team. Each team works hard to throw a ball into the opponent’s goal. In this game, the goal floats on the water. This game is sometimes referred to as the wet handball. 

How to bet on water polo

Many people in Canada nowadays engage in water polo betting from Betzest. This is a reputable bookmaker that can give you a good betting experience. It allows you to bet on this game through different options. For instance, you can predict which team you think will win the tournament. If you are not comfortable with outright betting, you can still bet on this sport by focusing on match betting. This involves predicting which water polo team is likely to win the match.

Though rare, water polo can have more than two possible outcomes. If you wager on a tie outcome and your prediction is correct, you can gain a considerable amount. Like other sports, you can also wager on water polo by predicting the total score. In this option, you have to predict whether the number of goals scored by both water polo teams will be under or over the value that Betzest has set.

Handicap betting is also another market that this site offers. The odd compilers give the underdog a head start in the form of goals such as 3.5, 2.5, or 1.5.  The half goals are designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw. You can also predict the first or last team to score a goal. As you bet on this sport, you should back a team that has a classy goalkeeper. The goalkeeper plays the most significant role in water polo. Apart from regular water polo betting, you should also consider in-play betting. This can give you a more thrilling experience since it enables one to bet on water polo matches as they occur.