How to play French roulette

Discover how to play French Roulette. One of the oldest roulette games that have existed for centuries is the French version. Though Betzest casino in Canada offers different roulette versions, many people choose French roulette. The casino roulette game is famous since it comes with a very low house edge. You can either play free French roulette or bet on it with real cash.

Playing French roulette casino

In this casino roulette game, the wheel is made up of 37 numbered pockets. These slots include numbers from 1-36. The numbered slots are colored either red or black. French roulette casino also has an extra green slot which has a single zero. All the numbers in this roulette game equal to 666.

You should start playing free French roulette before betting on this game with real cash. This can help you understand the roulette variant better before betting on it with real cash. French roulette differs from other variants since it allows some special bets. Offering betting options keep this game exciting and fresh.

The bet sequence of this game is not very different from that of European roulette. French roulette, however, differs in that it allows gamers to make announced bets. In French roulette, you should start by placing bets on the game’s layout. You can make announced bets in this game by calling out the type of bet. In this, you have to place adequate chips on the table that can cover the wager.

You can also choose to engage in maximum or full betting in this roulette version. Once you have placed your bet, the dealer will shoot the ball into the cylinder. You cannot place more bets when the ball starts dropping into the wheel. The ball will fall into a certain pocket. If your bet wins, you should expect to be paid.

The bet types you can make in this game

As you play this roulette game, you can focus on inside betting. This involves placing bets on individual numbers. Some of the examples of inside bets that you can make include straight, split and corner bets. Though this type of betting has higher payouts, it has lower French roulette odds of winning. Alternatively, you can also play casino roulette by focusing on outside betting. This involves wagering on a group of numbers. Though this form has small payouts, it has higher French roulette odds of winning.