How to read College basketball odds and NBA odds

The NBA and college basketball leagues have so many games that people in Canada can bet on. If you are a basketball fan and would like to bet on this sport, you have to pay attention to the basketball betting odds that Betzest offers. These figures show the probability of something happening. Understanding how to read the odds is the key to succeeding in this form of betting.

Once you start exploring the site, you will see the time and date that different basketball games are scheduled to take place. This information is also followed by basketball betting lines that come in different formats. Betzest lists the numbers in sequence to make it easy for all the basketball fans to make bets with ease.Here is how you can interpret the odds.

Point Spread Odds

Betzest comes up with these college basketball odds to make it a bit challenging for you to pick a winner in this league. A minus sign accompanies the NBA basketball odds for the favorite team, while the odds for the underdog are listed with a plus sign. Apart from that, some points are taken away from the favorite while the underdog receives some points to try and balance the game. Suppose you are focusing on a basketball game between Florida andArkansas, and the odds are listed like this. (Florida -7 vs. Arkansas +7). If you bet on Florida, the team has to win by at least 8 points to win the bet.

Moneyline odds

If you choose to focus on moneyline betting, you should also check the NBA basketball odds that Betzest lists for this market. The odds here differ from that of the point spread in that no points are given to a basketball team. As Betzest sets the college basketball odds for this market, it evens out the playing field by charging more for betting on the favorite and less for betting on the underdog.

Suppose the odds are set like this in the following game (Duke +120 vs. North Carolina -140). If you choose to support Duke, the underdog, betting on this team with $100 will help you win $120.If you choose to back North Carolina, which is considered the favorite, betting with $140 will earn you $100 if the team wins. Betzest offers competitive basketball betting odds to help you make significant returns from your investment.

If you are looking to find out more about basketball betting odds or maybe you are searching for information on the difference between college basketball betting lines and NBA basketball lines, Betzest offers it all! Keep your eyes on Betzest’s Blog!