How to understand cricket betting rates

Would you like to try your luck wagering on cricket? You can have a lot of fun from this form of sports betting. This popular sport has a lot of fans in Canada. As you start your journey in cricket betting, you should understand the rates. These refer to the odds given to every cricket team about to engage in a particular match.

The odds in this sport can tell you the likelihood of something happening in a cricket game. Betzest offers competitive cricket betting odds that can help you make money from this wagering opportunity. These odds come in different formats, such as fractional, decimal, and American. You should learn how to convert the odds in various formats before you start betting on this sport.

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Interpreting cricket betting rates

To succeed as you bet on cricket, you should know how to covert the displayed odds into implied probability. Let’s take an example of a cricket game between team A and Team B. If Betzest sets the odds of 1.67 for team A to win the cricket match, the implied probability is 1/1.67= 0. 598 x 100% =59.8%.

Apart from implied probability, the odds can also help you figure out how much you can make by wagering a certain amount. If you place a bet of $10 backing team A at odds 1.67 to defeat tea B, you can calculate your profit using the following formula (stakes x odds) – stake= profit.

Using the same example, you have to multiply $10 x 1.67= $16.70. You then have to subtract $10 from the value ($16.70 -$10= $6.70. This means that if your prediction is correct and team A wins, you will make a profit of $6.70 from your $10 wager.

Apart from knowing how to calculate the cricket betting rates, you should also know that these odds keep changing due to different factors. You, therefore, have to keep on checking the odds to ensure that you are using updated odds before you place a bet on a cricket match. If you want to bet on a cricket match live, you should know that the odds can constantly fluctuate as events unfold.

Though the in-game odds are sometimes hard to interpret, they can offer more value than betting on a match before it occurs. Start engaging in cricket betting today and stand a chance to make significant amounts from it.