Learn in 5 steps on how to win at video poker

One of the casino games that you should consider playing is video poker. This is a popular game that many people in Canada play due to its high odds. Since it is a skill-based game, the decisions that you make can influence the overall outcome. Though you can play video poker games free of charge, wagering with real cash can give you a thrilling experience. Following certain steps can help you learn how to win at video poker. Start by doing the following.

Before you play video poker online, learn its rules

Since this game has a low house edge, it gives you a chance to make significant payouts from it. For you to succeed, you should first get familiar with the rules. This simple casino game is based on a five-card draw. Like other casino card games, it uses a 52 card deck. Once you receive the cards at the beginning of the game, you have to decide which ones you should keep and which ones you should discard. After making this move, hit the draw button so that the machine can replace the cards that you discard. You should try to form a poker hand like two pairs, royal flush, flush or straight. Betzest casino will then pay you an amount based on the value of the hand you come up with.

Pick the right variant

Betzest has different variants that you can bet on. Take your time to compare them and only bet on the right variant. Every variant has a particular house edge that you should check before selecting it. For instance, many people choose to bet on Jacks or better since it has a house edge of 0.46%. This means that you can enjoy high payouts from this variant compared to picking a game with a high house edge. For instance, though Deuces wild is a fun game, it has a house edge that is about four times that of other variants.

Go through the paytable

Before you play video poker online, you should check the paytable that is displayed on the screen. Choosing the right paytable can help you enjoy great payouts in the long run. You can, for instance, select one that pays 9/6.

Use the basic video poker strategy

You can win at video poker games if you use the basic strategy. This prevents you from guessing, which often leads to losing. The video poker strategy can guide you as you make different moves. It can also help you reduce the house edge of this game even further and minimize the risks of making financial losses.

Try progressives

If you want to make big wins from this game, you can try progressives. Look for poker games that contain progressive jackpots and consider betting the max. Though these games have a high risk, the potential rewards are greater. Now that you know how to win at video poker, you should try the game today.


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