Casino Blackjack: Should you play Live blackjack or not?

If you are interested in playing blackjack, you have to decide the version that suits you best. Betzest casino in Canada gives you the chance to play the RNG or live blackjack. Choosing the right version can help you enjoy the casino blackjack game. This is everything you should know before picking live dealer blackjack.

Live blackjack Canada offers better rules

Are you looking for a version that has a smaller house advantage? If yes, you should consider live blackjack online. The rules implemented in different blackjack games determine the house edge. When you play live dealer blackjack, you can enjoy more lenient rules compared to video blackjack. For instance, most live blackjack games pay 3:2.  Such games come with a house edge of 2.2% lower than casino blackjack games with a house edge of 3.29%.

You can implement different techniques

If you are used to using different techniques such as card counting, live blackjack Canada is ideal for you. You can only apply such techniques while playing this game in a live casino. Card counting is not applicable when playing the RNG version of this game since the computer software shuffles the blackjack deck after each hand.


Live blackjack is also ideal for players looking for an interactive gaming experience. If, for instance, you have been playing this game at a land-based site and still want to socialize with others while playing this game from home, the live casino is for you. As you play this casino game live, you can interact with the dealer and other players. Betzest live casino even gives you the chance to pick a dealer you prefer. You can use the drop-down menu available at the site to choose a dealer.

The demerits of live blackjack online

Though this version has a lot of perks, it does not favor everyone. If, for instance, you are used to a fast pace, you may not enjoy playing the casino blackjack live. This is because the live platform has a low pace. Here, you have to wait for other players to make moves.

You can play fewer hands at the live blackjack game compared to playing the game from the virtual casino. Live blackjack games are not for you if you are used to very low betting limits. In this version, the lowest bet you can make is $5. It is, therefore, more expensive than playing video blackjack.