Live casino games online vs. online casino games 

Changes in technology have led to significant transformations in the gambling industry. A few years back, many people in Canada would crowd at brick-and-mortar sites to play their favorite casino games. Things changed when online gambling was introduced. If you wish to engage in this exciting activity, you can either bet from a live casino online or an online casino. These are two different options that you should not confuse. Understanding how they differ is important before you proceed. We can help you out by comparing them.  

RNG versus human dealers 

If you choose live casino online games, you should be prepared to meet the dealer. Betzest offers a live casino that human dealers control. These individuals are employed to coordinate the game. They shuffle and issue cards and even declare the winner of the game.  

Live casino games online, therefore, don’t use computer software. These differ from online casino games, which are based on the random number generator. This is computer software that determines the outcome of the game. It shuffles and issues cards and also declares the winner at the end of a game. 


Online casino games are ideal for people who like playing in a quiet setting with minimal interruptions. When you choose the computerized version of a game, you will only be playing alone. These differ from live casino games online, which allow you to play while interacting with players in different regions. 

The Betzest live casino is designed to replicate the atmosphere of a real casino. Playing online live casino games can therefore make you feel like you are on an actual site since you can talk to other gamers and even ask the dealer for a few tips.  While live casino offers room for socialization, online casinos do not. 

Size of wagers 

These two platforms also differ when it comes to the size of wagers players can make. If you choose live casino online, you should be prepared to make a higher wager compared to sticking to online casino games. Live casinos set higher minimum bets since maintaining the equipment used for streaming is expensive. If you don’t want to spend a lot, sticking to online live casino games can help you spend less since you can even bet with a few cents. Besides that, you can also get more games from the online platform than in a live casino.