Are you an online sports betting lover and have been looking for a good sportsbook to place bets on American football? Look no further. Betzest has everything you need for you to enjoy betting on this sport. This is among the most popular sports that many people place wagers on. At Betzest, we allow you to engage in American football betting round the clock.

We display the best American football betting odds that you should be using and give you different ways to bet on this sport. Betzest understands how confusing it can be when betting on such games for the first time. We can make your experience as simple as possible. Betzest offers not only numerous betting markets on this sport but also gives experienced bettors live betting opportunities. Register with us today and enjoy betting on American football.

Why engage in NFL betting from Betzest

Many football fans look forward to the National Football league so that they can make money from betting on it. Though you can still bet on college football, placing wagers on this professional form of American football is more exciting. Betzest can make your experience worth it since we give you everything you need under one roof. Since Betzest is a licensed bookmaker, betting on American football with us can give you peace of mind.

We not only secure your financial details but also offer promotions that you can use while betting on this sport. Whether you prefer betting on this sport from a desktop or laptop, you can do this conveniently from our site. If you ever get stuck as you place wagers on American football, we have an excellent support team just for you.

Betzest also gives you an easy and convenient way to start depositing funds so that you can bet on American football. We promise to disburse payouts within the shortest time possible so that you don’t miss out on the action.

The markets you can choose when engaging in American football online betting

The NFL consists of more than 30 teams that are divided into different divisions. Every team that is part of the NFL has to play at least 16 games during the regular season. If you are ready to bet on this sport, you have to pick from one of the markets that Betzest offers. Some of the betting options include the following.

The point spread– Some people refer to this as betting lines or handicaps. At Betzest, we determine the final margin of a match. If you pick this betting market, you have to bet on the side of the margin on which you think the game will probably end on. The NFL betting odds for this market most range between 1.90 and 1.95.

Over-under bet– Betzest also offers this betting option to American football fans. We predict the combined score of both NFL teams engaging in an American football game. If you choose this betting market, you can now predict whether the total number will be higher or lower than our odds. If, for instance, we have set a number at 41.5 points and you choose to bet over, both teams have to win 42 points or more for you to win the bet.

Futures-If you have been analyzing American football odds for a while, you can choose this market. It involves placing a wager on the whole season’s outcome instead of only betting on a single American football game. Though this is not the easiest option, it can help you make significant rewards.

Understanding American football odds

Focusing on NFL betting odds is important before you start placing wagers on this sport. Odds show the likelihood of a certain event happening. Betzest presents odds on American football in different formats such as fractional, decimal, and Moneyline. Though the formats lead to the same payouts, knowing how to interpret them is crucial.

Moneyline odds for the favorite team come with a minus sign, while the odds for the underdog team come with a plus sign. Fractional odds, on the other hand, come with a slash or hyphen. If, for instance, we list fractional odds of 6/1, it means that you can win $6 against each $1 you bet. If you are engaging in American football betting for the first time, you can focus on decimal odds. The decimal odd numbers show the amount you can win for each $1 you bet with.

Make use of NFL odds while engaging in In-play betting

Betzest stands out since we allow punters to place bets on American football as the action unfolds.  Betting on American football can help you get a feel of the game to enjoy a more thrilling experience. If you select this version, you have to pay more attention to the American football betting odds. Betzest follows the games closely and keeps on updating the odds based on what is happening up to the last minute of the game.

The tips you should use as you make NFL predictions

Though Betzest tries to simplify your gaming experience, you have to do your part to succeed in this form of sports betting. Start by focusing on the NFL teams that you know. Paying attention to the current form of a team is important before you make NFL predictions. Do enough research on a team as you consider things such as its history and previous performances. Managing your bankroll well is also important as you bet on this sport. You should also take advantage of the exclusive promotions that Betzest offers so that you can earn more from this sports betting opportunity.

Whether you are new to American football betting or not, Betzest has your back. We follow up on NFL games closely and set excellent odds after considering all the relevant factors. Betzest also presents a user-friendly layout and allows you to place bets on this sport from different devices.

No matter if we are talking about Baseball, American Football or Soccer Betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite esport! Have fun!


Can I win real cash from betting on American Football?

Yes. This is possible as long as you use different strategies and let the odds guide you into making the right predictions.

Is betting on the NFL legal?

Yes. Betzest allows you to bet on NFL legally since we have a valid license and are well regulated.