Every punter knows that for one to remain profitable in the betting industry they always have to keep an eye out for new and profitable betting opportunities, and that is exactly what Aussie rules football betting offers. Australian football betting has over time been a popular sport, the fast-paced game will keep your adrenaline going with the dribbling, tackling, punting, scoring, and running of the ball. And dare we say that it is one of the most addictive games not only to watch but also to bet on.

Betzest Canada is the perfect betting platform for the Aussie rules betting odds especially now that the women’s competitions have been introduced.  Most sportsbooks offer a couple of promotions to kick start a punters winning streak, and punters will be treated to 100% welcome bonuses; players also stand to get up to $/€ 5 no deposit bonus, but which only applies to new players that have verified their phone numbers. Punters also get up to a 50% bonus by betting on their favorite teams. They could also take advantage of the happy hours and get the 50% deposit bonus, which increases their chances of reaping profits.

Aussie Rules Betting Tips

Before Aussie rules games are about to begin most of the sports betting platforms have already released their aussie rules odds, for the teams that they have determined to have the potential to take the cup. You may have already checked the aussie rules betting odds as you plan to place your bet, but just so you know is that the aussie rules odds are not static but are subject to change. So be sure to recheck with your sportsbook before placing a bet.

If you haven’t identified a betting site that is licensed, covers almost all the games, is reputable, and offers decent aussie rules odds, you can join Bestzest and start betting on your favorite Aussie rules teams. Other bookmakers offer a decent betting platform, you must however ensure that they are legitimate and reputable.

Another important Aussie rules betting tip is that punters must be well versed with the teams that are about to compete and their previous Aussie rules game performance. For example, Geelong did not do well in the last season but managed to pick itself up quite well in the playoffs; we are, therefore, expecting a good comeback from Geelong in the coming competitions.

Australian Football betting Markets

When it comes to betting on the AFL markets the aussie rules betting odds are infinite, some of the common aussie rules football betting odds are such as Name the finalist, The Top 4 finish, and the AFL Grand Final Winner. There are also some common markets in Australian Football betting such as the Total match points, where the sportsbook will set the total number of combined points that they expect to be scored in the match. The punter’s job will be to select if the points will go over or under the determined number.

We also have the aussie rules football betting line market which is also considered as a handicap, with the line market the sportsbook will set the line at +/-29.5, so for the -29.5, your team must win by 30 points and for the +29.5, your team has to lose by about 29 points or even less before you can bag the bet.

There is also the Australian football betting win market where all you have to do is choose the team that you think will win the game.

Aussie Rules Odds

Live odds can present a good winning opportunity if you have a good eye for the Aussie rules. To wager on the live odds, punters must ensure that they are knowledgeable of the sport. They could watch as many games as you possibly can, and then try their luck at the live odds. They must also be conscious of the circumstances of the game in relation to the odds and how they are being updated.

At Bestzest you are allowed to bet as the game is disclosing and some of the available markets are such as in-play wagering where you can bet on the live aussie rules odds while watching the champions league finals.