Bandy is a fascinating winter sports game that combines skates riding skills and using the stick to swiftly manoeuvre past the opposing team and take the ball to their goal. The sport closely resembles field or ice hockey; bandy is played worldwide but is popular in Russia. Bandy has grown in popularity and is now played by women, given its growing popularity most bookmakers are taking up the game. And as we all know for the bookmakers to get bettors on board, they must first provide some freebies that many punters would love to take advantage of. 

Betzest is among the biggest and the leading sports betting market, which offers the best odds and bonuses for the different kinds of sports including bandy. If you are at the crossroads and are looking for a bookmaker where you can wager for your favorite bandy team, then Betzest’s got your back. Bandy is not played at the Winter Olympic Games, so most of the punters direct their Bandy bet energy to the world championships.

Bandy Betting Tips

As mentioned earlier one of the biggest tournaments for bandy is the World cup, so to get a good scoop at the world cup bandy betting odds, it would be best to dig into the history of the teams that have previously qualified. And also analyze how they performed in the previous season. Bandy is not a common game thus many new punters can take advantage of the bookmaker’s bonuses that require for one to open an account and make a deposit.

The betting bonuses are endless thus punters stand the chance to gain free bets once their first qualifying Bandy bet has been settled. Betzest offers a wide range of Bandy betting odds and for all the possible outcomes, punters also get to engage the live bandy bet markets where they can wager even after the game has begun.

Bandy bet markets

  • Handicap Bandy bet- when betting on the handicap, the team that has been determined to be an underdog is given an advantage, normally in the form of a goal so that both teams get equal chances of winning the game.
  • Outright Bandy odds- the outright bet is pretty straight forward and all you have to do is predict the team that will win the tournament, competition, or league.
  • Winner bet- all you have to do with the winner Bandy odds is predict the team that will win the match.
  • Over or under Bandy betting odds- for this bet, all you have to do is predict if the number of goals scored by both sides will be over or under the values that have been set by the Bandy odds
  • In-play bandy betting odds- in-play bet one to wager as the games take place. It is one of the best ways for the adrenaline junkies to take a swipe at the Bandy odds while backing their favorite teams. Among the important bandy betting tips is that in-play bets come with some of the most fantastic offers, and which gives punters a chance to make profits, they can, therefore, wager on the team to score, the next player or next to foul.
  • Correct score Bandy betting odds- this type of bet focuses on the exact score of the match, and punters will be presented with a couple of options, where they will pick the team that they feel attracts luck. Important to note is that for this particular bet, the odds will be a little bit difficult to predict thus they will be very generous.

Bet on Bandy

Betting on Bestzest is easy because all you have to do is choose your game and market then set your stake and place your bet. Confirmations usually take longer with the live Bandy odds but the pregame bandy bets are pretty instant.