Whether you follow up on the Indian Premier League or World cup cricket, you can bet on such competitions from Betzest. We are the best providers of cricket odds and any sports betting odds for that matter, that can help you win significant amounts as you bet on this sport. Betzest gives you access to numerous cricket betting opportunities. We even let you place bets from a laptop, PC, or even a smartphone.

At Betzest, we support your love for the sport by offering bonuses that you can use to bet. You can even engage in live cricket betting from here. If you encounter any issues while betting on this sport, Betzest can help you out. We offer support through live chat and email. With Betzest, the security of your funds is guaranteed.

Learn the basics before engaging in online cricket betting

Betzest gives you the chance to bet on this popular sport up to 365 days a year. Before you start engaging, it is important to learn the basics to avoid betting blindly. The sport is played using a ball, bat, and a set of stumps. It involves two teams, each consisting of 11 players.

How to bet on cricket

At Betzest, we give you different ways of engaging in cricket betting. Some of the popular cricket betting markets that you can pick from include.

Match betting– Betzest gives not only experienced bettors room to wager on this sport but also beginners. In this betting option, you can choose from three outcomes. For instance, you can predict if you think the away team or the home team will win. You can also predict if the teams will draw. Focus on our cricket betting lines before placing your wager.

Inning runs-We also offer this unique betting option that you can focus on. In this, you can predict the runs that are likely to be scored during the first innings of a cricket match.

Top bowler-If you prefer betting on particular players, Betzest offers such markets for you. In this, you have to predict which player can take the most wickets in a cricket match.

Understanding our cricket odds

Apart from the numerous betting markets, Betzest also offers unbeatable cricket betting odds.  We display cricket betting odds in different formats such as decimal, fractional and American odds. If you place a certain wager on a cricket match, our cricket betting lines can help you assess how much profit you can make from it. For instance, suppose you place a $10 bet on India which has odds of 1.67 to beat England; you can calculate your profit by multiplying $10 with the odds. ($10* 1.67= $16.70.) You then have to subtract your bet to get the profit ($16.70- $10 = $6.70).

The cricket betting tips that can help you succeed

Besides using our competitive odds, you should also find excellent cricket betting tips that can help you succeed in this form of betting. It is important to research likely conditions before placing wagers on cricket. Since factors such as the weather can greatly affect a cricket match, check the weather forecast beforehand. Consider the form of players and teams before backing any of them. If you plan on betting on this sport for a long time, you should be keen on keeping records.

Feel free to bet on cricket from any location using any device from our site. Betzest gives bettors flexibility and allows them to bet on numerous cricket matches. No matter if we are talking about soccer, cricket or darts betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


What kind of bonuses should I expect to receive?

Once you open an account, you will get $5, which is the no deposit bonus we give our customers. Betzest can also give you a 100% match bonus once you make a deposit and many others.

Can I bet on this sport live?

Yes. Betzest gives you a chance to place live cricket bets as the action unfolds.

How long will it take for me to withdraw what I win from betting on this sport?

Since Betzest delivers fast payouts, you should expect to get your money within three business days.

Should I have to be an expert in cricket to succeed in this form of betting?

No. As long as you comprehend the basics of the game and find value betting opportunities, you can succeed in online cricket betting.

How do you encourage cricket bettors to engage responsibly?

Betzest sets betting limits and has session reminders that promote this.