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Cycling betting tips

One of the most reliable cycling betting tips that will put you in a better position to win profits is understanding the riders. Their previous successes and their physical condition. You can therefore check the track records of cyclists who have done well in the climbing categories, and the lineup of cyclists who have performed well in sprints before you place your bet on cycling.

Weather conditions also play a big part in the cycling race, adverse weather presents challenges, and some of the cyclists might fall behind.

Check on the cycling betting statistics, sportsbook offers cycling statistics and which you can analyze before settling with a specific market. Punters who are more into the In-Play cycling bet should keep an eye out for bike failures, accidents and injuries.

Cycling betting odds are bound to change as the race comes to the end, thus punters must keep a close eye on all the riders who are taking part in the race because on many occasions the riders who are in the middle accelerate through the finish line as the race comes to an end.

Punters must also shop for the best cycling odds, by sampling different bookmakers, the cycling betting tips described above are to help punters get cycling betting odds with high-profit margins.

Don’t bet on every race, when it comes to placing a bet on cycling, the tournaments are quite many but we propose that you stick to the major tournaments such as Tour de France, which happens every year. Punters can also consider the cycling betting odds for Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’ Italia

Cycling Odds

Cycling bets can be done in two ways, we have the fixed odds, which means that you will bet on the odds that have been offered by your bookmaker. The other cycling odds are the betting exchanges, with this type of cycling bet, a punter will back the odds played by another punter. The good thing with the betting exchanges is that they allow punters to lay their cycling odds

Cycling bet markets

Some of the cycling bet markets that you will come across are the point’s classification, and which means that the punter will place a bet on the cyclist that they think will win the green jersey.

The top 10 finish market allows punters to bet on cyclists that they believe will finish among the top 10. And the king of the mountains market entails placing a cycling bet on the racer who has exhibited the best climbing skills in the competition and has won the polka dot jersey.

For a seamless experience as you bet on cycling, Betzest offers you the perfect opportunity to bet on your favorite racer and with the best cycling betting odds.