If you follow up on the World Darts Championship or any other major contest, welcome to our site. When it comes to online betting, Betzest is about to change your life. We give you a chance to bet on darts from the comfort of your home and offer numerous markets that you can pick from.

For you to bet on this game, you should be keen on our excellent darts betting lines. Betzest offers unbeatable darts odds that you can use to place bets on this exciting sport. We cover all the latest tournaments on this game so that you never miss a betting opportunity.

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The important terms to know before engaging in online darts betting

At Betzest, we offer betting opportunities on some of the major events, including the Grand slam, Premier League, Players Championship, World Grand Prix, and UK Open. Before you start betting on this, every beginner should start by understanding some of the terms used in darts. Some of them include the following.

Bullseye-Darts is played on a certain board. Bullseye refers to the center part of the board where players can get up to 50 points. The board can consist of the double bull or center bull.

Checkout-This refers to the score that darts players have to hit to win in this game.

Big fish-When a player scores 170, this is referred to as the big fish. The player must hit triple 20 as well as an inner bull to achieve this.

Leg– Every darts game has to be played over a certain number of segments called legs.

180– A 180 is the maximum score that a player can hit with at least three darts.

How to bet on darts from Betzest

Betzest gives you a chance to engage in online darts betting in different ways.  You only need to choose the market that suits you best and find the best dart odds available. Some of the options we offer include the following.

Match winner-If you are betting on this sport for the first time, you should focus on this market. This involves backing a player who you think will win the match.

Correct score– Betzest also gives you a chance to bet on the correct score of a darts game. Most of our bettors choose this market since it comes with high darts betting odds.

Most 180s-You can also bet on this sport by predicting the player who you think can hit the most 180s in the match.

Bet on this sport live as you pay attention to our competitive darts betting odds

At Betzest, we also give you a chance to bet on this game live. We set the best darts betting lines that you can rely on during in-play betting. Betzest keeps on updating the odds based on the changes that take place during the game. As you focus on our odds, you should learn how to identify value so that you can succeed in this form of betting.

Use the following darts betting tips

Since Betzest offers numerous promotions to darts bettors, you should consider using them so that you can start building your bankroll. Apart from using free bets, you can also use other darts betting tips such as studying the form of players before betting. Sometimes, opposing the favorite can also help you win.

At Betzest, we are committed to giving you the best experience as you bet on this sport. We offer not only competitive darts odds but also a wide range of betting options. No matter if we are talking about darts, baseball or golf betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


Is there a perfect leg in darts?

Yes. This occurs when a darts player succeeds by winning a 501 leg by throwing only nine darts.

Do your bonuses come with any terms?

Yes. For you to benefit from the bonuses that Betzest offers darts players, you have to fulfill the rollover requirements.

How much do I need to bet on this game?

We at Betzest set reasonable betting limits to accommodate people with different budgets. You can place bets on darts with as little as $10.

Do you offer live streaming?

Yes. Betzest offers this service to help you watch different darts matches and start betting on them from one place.

Can I succeed while betting on this game, even if I am a beginner?

Yes. As long as you are ready to learn more about it, you can make accurate bets in darts.