Floorball is a kind of floor hockey, consisting of five field players on each team and one goalkeeper, the game is played with a one-meter long stick and a ball that has about 26 holes. Floorball greatly resembles hockey but unlike hockey, floorball is not very popular. For the countries that play the game, however, it does attract quite a decent crowd. If you are a fan of betting on sports and also of floorball, then this is the place to be!

A full floorball game is divided into three 20 minutes periods. One thing that we find rather interesting and which makes the game quite unpredictable is the floorball ball, which is especially light in weight when compared to the hockey ball and can achieve speeds of up to 124miles per hour. If you are planning to bet on floorball, you can check on the Swedish and Finish championships including the World cup and the European cup.

Floorball Betting Tips

  • Evaluate the line of the game, just like football and basketball, floorball does have star players, so before you place your floorball bet you must check the line-up, and find out if the good players are not in the line-up because of injuries, or sickness.
  • Check for transfers, a weak team could acquire good players, a move that would greatly improve the floorball odds. Floorball goalkeepers are also worthy of your concern, given that most of the good goalkeepers are irreplaceable. Thus what you will be looking out for are replacements or the absence of the best goalkeeper that could leave the team exposed to failures.
  • Analyze the playstyle of the playing teams before you place your bet on floorball, some teams are tactical and will exhibit some serious combinations as they tackle their opponents. Others don’t have many attack tactics and will, therefore, depend on the goal keeper’s swagger and their defense lineup. Having this information before betting improves your chances of bagging huge profits in the floorball odds.
  • And as you assess the floorball odds and totals, check on the suspensions that the teams are awarded because there are teams that might have good players but who are also rough when playing thus earn fines.
  • Digging deeper into the history of a team can provide some reliable insights. For example, there are some teams that experience problems with management or at times with the coach. The above could lead to psychological issues that will then impact the outcome of the game, this is among the floorball betting tips that especially applies on the women’s floorball team.

Floorball bet markets

Period betting– focuses on the results of the individual periods. You will, therefore, notice that some teams charge into the game and attain good results while others will practice caution as they play. The above then means that the floorball betting odds on each period could present a winning or losing potential.

The floorball future bets– When it comes to the floorball betting odds in the World championships, punters could base their analysis by comparing the team’s lineups, their current form, and how they have prepared themselves for the game. The above information makes it easy to determine the winner of the tournament thus place a winning floorball bet.

Double chance floorball betting odds– double chance floorball bet is pretty easy because all you have to do is predict that one of the teams will not lose. A punter who takes on this type of market must know that the team that they are betting for either has to win or draw for them not to lose their bet.

Bet on floorball bonuses

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