If you like to bet on sports, Betzest is the right place to be! Your search for the best golf betting site has come to an end. If you like placing bets on this popular sport, welcome aboard. Betzest is the best bookmaker that can give you so many ways to bet on golf.  We cover numerous golf events, including the Masters, US Open, the European Tour, and PGA Tour.

Betzest has dominated the industry since we always offer solid golf betting odds that our gamers can rely on. We allow you to bet on this sport any time you wish to and even offer you support 24/7. You can start checking our great golf betting lines on your desktop or even laptop. If you prefer live betting on golf, we have your back. Betzest is a licensed bookmaker that is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Bet on golf from a mobile device

At Betzest, we understand the needs of all our bettors. Though betting on golf from a desktop is easy, we offer a more convenient way to help you place such bets from any location. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, Betzest makes golf betting odds accessible through mobile devices. Whether you prefer online golf betting from a tablet or mobile phone, you can do this easily through our site. As you bet on this sport from a mobile device, you should check out most of the promotions that Betzest offers.

How to engage in online golf betting

Betzest has so many golf betting markets that you cannot exhaust. You only need to find that works for you well and check out the golf odds that go hand in hand with it. Some of the betting options that we offer include

Tournament winner betting-This involves betting on a certain golf player to win a tournament. In this sport, supporting a favorite outright can help you succeed.

Head-to-head betting-Betzest also offers this unique option that most beginners focus on. This involves predicting which golfer you think has the highest chance of winning in the match.

Nationality betting– If you choose this betting market, you have to choose a golfer that is the best performing based on nationality. Check out the best golf odds that Betzest sets as you focus on this market.

Use our golf betting lines as you engage in in-play betting

Betzest offers high odds that can help you succeed in this form of betting. You have to avoid any distractions as you place bets on golf as the action unfolds since things happen fast. We at Betzest keep on updating the lines as the game progresses.

These golf betting tips will help

One of the things that makes our bettors succeed while placing bets on this sport is using specific golf betting tips. If you want to focus on the futures betting market, consider placing bets during the beginning of the year since the odds are better then. You should also pay attention to crucial factors such as players’ past performance before backing any golfer.

Betzest offers a comfortable and secure betting environment to golf fans. Our odds are quite competitive. We also keep on introducing unique markets to make betting on golf more exciting. No matter if we are talking about soccer, golf or rugby betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


How can I start making money from betting on golf?

Study the right betting strategy to use in golf and stick to the betting market you fully understand.

What is the biggest mistake that golf bettors make?

Betting with the heart rather than the mind. As you bet on this sport, you should ensure that you don’t do this while emotional.

Should I begin with online or live golf betting?

Though Betzest offers both options, beginners should start with online betting on this game. Here, you can learn everything regarding it before you try our live betting from our site.

How does Betzest make my details secure?

We use encryption technology to prevent any third party from accessing your financial information.

Can I get help even at night?

Yes. Since our support system works round the clock, you can get assistance at any time.