In a nutshell, handball is a fast-paced game that gives players many scoring opportunities, the sport is mostly played in the European countries and which have overtime scooped almost all the medals. Individuals who are interested in handball betting can do so in professional events but must be keen because the handball goals are scored pretty fast.

Betzest handball betting gives punters a chance to try their luck on handball games but who have pre-existing knowledge of the game and the players. Betzest sports betting platform runs a couple of interesting bonuses for its punters such as the 100% welcome deposit bonus, to make the most of this offer a punter will have to deposit at least $/€ 10.

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 Punters can also enroll for the free bet bonus and here they will be provided with an opportunity to bet on a particular amount in advance, which must be in line with the wagering rules. There is also the money back bonus where punters will bet on the value specified by the bookmaker and if it loses, they will be given their money back.

Handball betting tips

Before betting on any sport it is important to differentiate between the scores and the faults. Understanding the rules of handball affords one a better winning chance, for example, you must know that a complete match has two 30 minutes periods, and if both teams score equally in the first half, then betting on the game would cost you money.

If you cannot frequent the fields to watch and understand how the game is being played, you can get handball betting tips by streaming online, dig for information in magazines, watch and listen to handball news. So that you can gather reliable information about players and teams that you want to bet for.

Punters should also understand the different betting markets and the handball betting odds. If you are good at following live matches then the live betting markets are your gold mine. Besides, betting on a live game puts you in a position to secure the best handball odds and in the process enhances your experience.

How to bet on Handball

When it comes to handball betting most people back teams, they can also take a swipe at the friendly matches, and then stick to the high plus handicaps. If you are going to try your luck in friendly matches, you must first study the defense and understand the game rules.

Most teams derive their win in a match from the defense, so if the advantage is large, then the best team will be shaken up and which compromises their defense. So, as the games proceed the weaker team will likely capitalize on this opportunity and score goals, this betting strategy features the best handball odds.

Betting tips handball

In a handball game, teams aim to score more goals by throwing the ball into the goal with their hands. There are so many handball betting events and handball betting odds that bookmakers offer but you only have to pick the one that suits your style. For example, you could bet on the Olympics, which takes place every four years, there is the World Handball Championship played yearly that offers many winning opportunities.

Join Betzest handball betting today, and start betting on the team that you predict will win the match. The available market options are handicap betting where the bookmaker assigns a + or a – handicap to the playing teams. Totals betting involves counting the number of goals that will be scored by a particular team in a fixture. Lastly, we have the first half betting that offers good handball odds and where punters will bet on a score after the first half of the match.