If you follow up on Ice hockey leagues and would like to bet on them, then you are in the right place. Betzest is the best bookmaker that can give you an excellent online betting experience on ice hockey. One of the things that make Betzest unique is the provision of numerous markets. At Betzest, we always have something for every ice hockey fan.

We offer the best ice hockey betting odds that you should be focusing on. Whether you wish to bet on ice hockey before the game begins or during the game, Betzest has got your back. We can even help you boost your bankroll through our generous promotions.

Introduction to online ice hockey betting

Ice hockey may not be as popular as other games, but we make it our mission to give fans enough opportunities to bet on this sport. If you have been betting on this winter sport for a while, using our competitive ice hockey odds can help you succeed. Feel free to deposit your desired amount.

How to bet on ice hockey

Betzest can give you a one-of-a-kind experience as you engage in online ice hockey betting. We achieve this by offering favorable betting markets such as the following.

Match betting– Betzest gives new bettors a chance to bet on this game through this straightforward market. You only need to pick the team that you think will win during the game.

Puke line– We offer this unique betting market to make your experience more exciting. In certain ice hockey games, Betzest sets a spread that applies to both the underdog and favorite. You can bet on either of the ice hockey teams winning or losing by more than two goals.

Exotic– Betzest also offers this entertaining market so that you can bet on the things that are not related to the event’s score.

Find the best ice hockey odds even on mobile

One of the things that make Betzest the best bookmaker is our excellent ice hockey betting odds. We allow you to access ice hockey betting lines through different platforms. Even if you bet on this game from a mobile device, you can still load our site through a smartphone or tablet and get access to the best ice hockey betting lines.

Use these ice hockey betting tips

You can succeed in this sport by using a few ice hockey betting tips. Start by checking out our bonuses. Betzest offers a no deposit bonus that new bettors can use. We can also help you start betting using our generous match deposit bonus. Utilizing most of our offers can help you save some cash. 

Apart from our promotions, you should also pay attention to schedules before betting on ice hockey. This is a demanding game, and things such as fatigue can affect the performance of a team.

Betzest is the most reliable and safest platform for you to place bets on ice hockey. Most of our bettors not only like our excellent odds but also our extensive coverage of ice hockey events. No matter if we are talking about tennis, ice hockey or volleyball betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


How can I win while betting on this game?

Pay attention to the form of different ice hockey players, including the goalkeeper, and only back a team that has an outstanding record.

How can I start betting on ice hockey from a mobile device?

Download our mobile app, find the team you want to back, and check odds on them.

What happens if ice hockey teams draw?

Overtime is introduced to determine the winner of the game.

What kind of match bonus do you offer?

If, for instance, you deposit $100 to start betting on ice hockey, Betzest will give you a 100% match bonus. This means that you will get an extra $100 to bet on this game.

What ice hockey events do you cover?

At Betzest, we give you a chance to bet on competitions such as the Winter Olympics, World Championships, and NCAA championship.