Isn’t it interesting that individuals who are not experts in playing football can make some cash from watching and betting on the sport. Over the years football has extensively grown to become one of the most adored sport in the gambling industry. But for as much as betting on football remains easy even for rookies, having the relevant knowledge in terms of player lineups, team performance, coaches, playing field and climate only works to the punters advantage.  

When it comes to betting on soccer, reading the betting lines is one of the mental faculties that you must master. Normally the favorite in a game would be listed using a negative sign (-), and then the poor performers are usually referred to as the underdogs and is normally listed with a positive sign (+).

If you have been looking for the best soccer betting lines you can rely on, look no further. Betzest is the best bookmaker that can give you an incredible experience while betting on soccer. Since soccer matches captivate many people’s attention, we offer comprehensive coverage of different soccer events.

Betzest not only has the best soccer odds but also offers numerous markets that you can pick from. We allow you to place bets on soccer 24/7 and even offer an excellent support team that you can rely on. Feel free to place soccer bets from different devices, including a desktop or laptop. We also provide the best promotions that you can use while betting on this sport.

Getting started on online soccer betting

Soccer remains the world’s most popular sport to bet on, boasting of over 4billion supporters.  Its popularity is because of the frequency of the games and the fact that punters can bet on it live. At Betzest we offer online soccer betting on the various cups and leagues around the globe.

You can make significant amounts by learning how to bet on soccer. Betzest not only follows up on domestic competitions but also international ones that you can bet on. If you are not new to soccer betting, Betzest gives you a chance to bet on different aspects of the game.

For you to engage in online soccer betting, you should utilize the useful information that we offer our punters so that you can make more informed decisions. Betzest offers statistics that can help you make successful bets in soccer.

How you can bet on soccer from Betzest

Whether you are new to this form of sports betting or not, Betzest has got your back. We give you different betting options that you can pick from. Some of the wagers you can pick from include the following.

Full time result– You can engage in this type of bet differently. For instance, Betzest offers most beginners the win-draw-win market. This involves betting on either team winning or the game ending in a tie. Another market that falls under this category is the draw no bet. This involves betting on either teams winning. In this, there is no option of betting on a draw.

Handicap– Betzest also offers this market that experienced bettors can use. When setting soccer odds, we deduct some goals from the favorite team and award more goals to the underdog.

Correct score-If you have been looking for a more challenging type of wager, Betzest can fulfill your needs. This market involves predicting what the final score of a soccer game is going to be. Make use of the competitive soccer betting odds that we offer for this market before betting.

Use our excellent soccer betting odds

Our mission at Betzest is to make betting on soccer as profitable and enjoyable as it can possibly become. Betzest displays the best soccer betting lines to help you make a considerable amount from wagering. We keep on updating odds after taking into consideration different factors that often affect soccer matches. You can determine how much you can win from betting on this game by paying attention to our odds.

For instance, in a soccer game between Manchester United and Chelsea, if we display money line odds on Manchester united as -125 and odds for Chelsea as +310, it means that you have to bet with $125 when backing Manchester United for you to win $100. If you bet with $100 and support Chelsea and the team wins, we will award you $310.

The soccer betting tips you should be using

Betzest is serious about responsible gambling. One of the most useful soccer betting tips that we give our punters is to work with a budget. If you have gambling problems, we work with organizations that can help you out. You also need to stick to what you are familiar with.

Put your knowledge of soccer to test by betting on this sport here. No matter if we are talking about soccer or basketball betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


Is betting on soccer safe?

Yes. Betzest is a well-regulated bookmaker that guarantees safety when betting on soccer.

Can I bet on this game without using so much cash out of pocket?

Yes. We at Betzest can help you save by offering numerous promotions that you can use.

Can I engage in in-play soccer betting?

Yes. We allow our punters to also bet live on soccer games. You have to focus on the fast-changing odds that Betzest displays.

How can I win money while betting on this game?

Doing a lot of research and learning how to identify value from our odds can help you win cash in this game.

How old must I be to wager on this game?

Betzest sets an age limit of 18 years to discourage minors from sports betting.