One thing that punters should take note off as they plan to bet on table tennis is that the odds in this game change rapidly. Thus the best way to make money betting on this sport is through the live bets. Punters will also need a strategic approach on this game when making the bets. Ideally, the table tennis matches would be decided by the best of 5 or the best of 7 game system.

Online Table Tennis Betting

Betzest covers not only major sports but also less popular ones such as table tennis. If you are interested in betting on table tennis, welcome to our site. We give you a chance to make money as you engage in online table tennis betting. Betzest offers the most competitive prices to help you gain significant returns as you bet on sports, no matter if you choose this sport or others.

We give you a chance to bet on all the major table tennis competitions such as the Championships league and Olympics. Betzest can give you a simple way to place bets on this sport. Our betting markets are diverse, and our support system is unmatched. Betzest even allows you to bet on this sport live as the game takes place.

Bet on table tennis from a mobile device

As a bookmaker it is important for us to remain versatile, so that we can comfortably cater to our increasing customer base. Besides the betting industry has become highly competitive and unless we are able to fulfill the needs of our dynamic clients, we will be thrown out of the industry. Most of our bettors appreciate our ability to offer table tennis betting odds on different platforms. You can bet on table tennis from a mobile device such as a laptop, iPhone, or smartphone.

Since we optimize our software for different operating systems, Betzest puts this form of sports betting at your fingertips. You only need to choose the most comfortable device and download our app to start betting on table tennis. You can continue accessing our unique services such as promotions, even from a mobile device.

How to engage in online table tennis betting from Betzest

Apart from enjoying the game, most punters bet to make profits, we however can’t deny that there is a small population that places bets just to have fun. So, if you are among the percentage that bets for profits then when it comes to table tennis, you must be sure to interpret the stats and form correctly. Study a players playing style when under pressure and don’t forget to against the crowd.

Table tennis is one of the most dynamic sports that we allow you to bet on. For you to start engaging, you first have to create an account here then deposit funds. Betzest will then give you access to numerous table tennis betting odds and markets that you can focus on. Some of the markets that we offer for this sport include:

Match winner-If you are still learning how to read the table tennis odds, Betzest offers this straightforward market for you. In this, we give you two options. You can support either of the two players to win a table tennis match.

Game winner– Though this betting market may sound similar to the first one, it is not. Here, Betzest gives you a chance to place a wager on the game-winner. You should pay attention to the table tennis betting lines that we offer to succeed in this.

Race to five or seven points-Betzest offers this unique market to make betting on table tennis more exciting. In this market, you have to pick between two players. The player you back has to be the first to score five or seven points for you to win the bet.

Check out our competitive table tennis odds before live betting

Apart from online betting, Betzest also allows you to bet on this sport in real-time. You can get a more exciting experience by choosing this option. You have to keep on checking the table tennis betting lines that we offer as you engage in in-play betting. Using the right strategy while live betting can also help you make profits from this.

The right table tennis betting tips you should use

Betting on table tennis does not rely on a specific, however there are fundamentals that every punter need to observe. Before you back any player, you should find out their current shape. You should also pay attention to the playing styles of different table tennis players. In this game, some players struggle to play against left-handed opponents while others do not. Considering such factors can help you make the right predictions. You should also bet on this sport responsibly. At Betzest, we help bettors do this by setting betting limits and sending them session reminders. Following such table tennis betting tips can help you enjoy this sport.

Betzest stands out since we cover so many table tennis matches that you can bet on and offers great prices. Feel at home!

No matter if we are talking about table tennis, snooker or biathlon betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


How is table tennis played?

Table tennis players are expected to hit the ball past the net to the opponent’s side. The first player that scores 11 points wins. A player can serve twice before the opponent serves.

Is a table tennis player allowed to touch the table?

Yes. Only the free hand is not allowed to come into direct contact with the table

Why should I bet on this sport from here?

Betzest gives table tennis bettors the best experience since we have the best odds, diverse markets, and excellent banking options.

Do you offer a cashback bonus?

Yes. Betzest offers regular bettors cashback bonuses from to time.

Should I bet on this sport live?

It depends on your level of experience. If you have been betting on this sport for a while, you can try betting live.