Are you interested in sports betting odds? Are you familiar with water polo betting? Water polo is not a predictable sport to bet on when compared to basketball and football, the intense water sport requires the players to be physically fit with some serious leg and arm strength. Over the years the sport has grown in popularity and is now played in most of the countries around the globe including Europe, the USA, Brazil, and Canada.

Given its current popularity, finding the best water polo events to bet on has proved to be a challenge for many punters the same goes for the sportsbook. So, if you are still in the woods about the best sportsbook, we suggest you join Betzest and take advantage of the welcome bonus to bet on your favorite team and familiarize yourself with the game. New punters will also get a bonus for their first deposit, which will be doubled up, to give them a better chance of bagging the profits.

Water Polo Bet Events

The betting landscape is quite complex and needs strategy if you are to make the most of your wager. Knowing the various water polo events and their profitability minimizes the chances of losing your water polo bet.  Below is an outline of the water polo competitions that are worth your time.

  • Fina Water Polo Worldcup – is a water polo international tournament and is characteristic of eight men’s national team and holds after every four years. Most sportsbooks offer good water polo odds for the World Championships, one of the fundamentals for scooping the bag is to check on the Fina Water Polo World Ranking then select teams that you want to back. The 2016-2020 ranking puts Serbia at the top with 385 pts, followed closely by Croatia with 375pts.
  • Bet on polo European championshipsthe European championships are held after every 4 years, a long enough period for punters to gather the necessary information before wagering. Currently, the championships are slated to take place in August and September 2022. Serbia, Spain, Croatia, and Italy made a good run in the last event, thus punters should watch out for these countries because they could attract the best water polo bet odds in the coming event.
  • Bet on Water Polo Len Cup- the latter, is covered by most sportsbooks, it is a second-tier European water polo club competition and runs events for both the men and women teams.

Water Polo Betting Tips

The first tip to being successful when it comes to betting on water polo is finding a reliable sportsbook that offers frequent water polo markets for the European leagues among other international levels.

Most water polo lovers are keen on two international organizations that offer the best water polo bet opportunities, and which are the Fina events and the Olympics. If you are a new punter you might want to take these water polo betting tips under your sleeve to remain profitable.  

If you are a professional punter and love betting on the college water polo, it would do you good to engage the two most informative resources. The NCAA women’s Waterpolo, and the NCAA men’s water polo, which will help you place the right bets going forward.

Water Polo bet markets

There are about 6 reliable water polo bet markets that give punters a chance to bet on water polo.

  • Bet on Water polo Handicap– for this market the water polo oddsmaker will give the underdog team an advantage in the form of goals so that both teams get the opportunity to win the match 50-50.
  • Outright water polo bet– for this market punters are required to predict the team that will win the tournament.
  • Winner water polo betting odds- for this bet on polo market, punters only need to predict the team that will win the match.
  • Bet on polo first team to score a goal, the number of goals in the match whether off or even, and the last team to score a goal.
  • Total score water polo betting odds- punters must decide whether the number of goals scored by both teams will be over or under the value that has been set by the sportsbook.

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