Table tennis betting: how to bet on table tennis

Table tennis is a dynamic and energetic sport that has fans across the globe. If you enjoy this game, you should consider betting on it. Table tennis betting can help you gain some profits when you use the right strategies. Betzest in Canada allows you to bet on this sport from any location. Read on to learn how to bet on table tennis.

The types of wagers you can make while betting on table tennis

This betting site allows you to engage in table tennis betting by choosing from different options. Some of them are discussed as follows.

Moneyline betting

In every table tennis game, there is always the underdog and favorite. When you check the table tennis betting odds, you will notice a plus sign next to the underdog lines and a negative sign next to the lines for the favorite. If you choose this market, you have to predict which players you think have a high likelihood of winning.


You can also make table tennis betting predictions focusing on this market. This involves betting under or over on different table tennis matches. Here, you have to predict whether the number of points that you think will be scored during the game will be below or above a certain value. The bookmaker sets the table tennis betting odds for this market at around 70 points.

Race to five, three, and seven points

If you would like to explore more betting options, you can choose this market. It allows you to predict whether a particular player will score five, seven, or three points in a specific table tennis game.

The tips you should use while making table tennis betting predictions

Now that you understand how to bet on table tennis, you should find consider using the tips that experts follow to boost your chances of succeeding. For instance, check the form of players. This keeps on fluctuating from one tournament to another. Only back an athlete that has the conditioning needed to succeed in this sport.

Though there is little coverage on this sport, you can gain an edge over the sportsbook by taking your time to watch table tennis games. To succeed in table tennis betting, you should also research the play style of different gamers. This is important before you bet on the game since every player has a specific style. Some table tennis players often have a hard time playing against left-handed opponents.