Top differences between Beach Volleyball vs. Indoor

Volleyball – Have you been looking for an exciting sport that you can bet on? If yes, one of the options at your disposal is volleyball. This is a great sport that you can bet on and earn some extra cash from. You may even come across excellent volleyball odds at Betzest. Once you start exploring this sport, you will come across two types: beach and indoor volleyball. Find out how they differ before you start betting on the sport.

Beach volleyball vs. indoor – The court size

This is one of the key differences between these two volleyball formats. While beach volleyball is played on sand, indoor volleyball is played on a hard surface. An indoor court is larger compared to a beach court. In indoor volleyball, the back row players have to stay behind the attack line as they hit the ball.

A beach court, on the other hand, does not have an attack line. Volleyball players that engage in this format can hit the ball from any location. The small beach court ensures that the ball can stay live longer.

The difference between beach and indoor volleyball lies in the balls

Since an indoor volleyball is made using leather, it is heavier compared to the ball used in beach volleyball. Since indoor volleyball involves lots of power, it requires a heavier ball that players can hit hard. On the other hand, beach volleyball is soft and light but is bigger than indoor volleyballs. The weight of a beach volleyball allows it to float in the air more.

The players

You can also tell these two volleyball formats apart by focusing on the players per side. In indoor volleyball, each side consists of six players. Every player takes a certain position, and they keep on rotating and switching positions. In indoor volleyball, players can be substituted up to 6 times in a set.

Beach volleyball teams, on the other hand, are made of up two players. Instead of having specialized positions, beach volleyball has a right and left side. This type of volleyball does not have benching and substitutions. This means that in this game, a player cannot leave until the game ends.

The scoring system also differentiates indoor vs. outdoor volleyball

In indoor volleyball, every match is made up of five sets. The first volleyball team that manages to score 25 points is the winner of that particular set. The teams that engage in indoor volleyball keep on switching sides after every set. Outdoor volleyball is different since a match is made up of a series of best of three-game. Each beach volleyball game is played to 21 points. The first team that manages to win two sets is declared the winner in this volleyball format.

Despite the differences, these two games are similar in that players have to win by two points. Since the games use rally scoring, a player does not have to serve the ball for them to win a point.