Top Soccer Transfers 2021

Before the football season, different soccer teams battle for the best players in the world. So many deals are struck during this period, and managers spend lots of cash to sign the best football players. In 2021, the summer transfer window opened in June and will close in August.   As clubs reshape their squads, the budgets for different clubs have been hit hard due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Here is what you should know regarding transfers before you bet on soccer from Betzest.

What is the football transfers window?

This is the time when different football clubs are allowed to transfer various players to one another either by loaning or selling them. Both managers and players look forward to this time of the year. Negotiations often start before the beginning of the transfer window.

Here are some of the top soccer transfers in 2021

Let’s find out what are the top transfers in the world of Soccer this year!

Martin Odegaard

Martin Odegaard is one of the midfielders that Real Madrid signed in 2015. During this year, he was the youngest football player that represented the club. Over the years, Real Madrid has managed to make a significant profit from this player’s performance. In 2021, Arsenal really needed to sign Martin Odegaard. He now plays as an attacking midfielder for club Arsenal.

Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham is a highly rated football that is also on the list of the latest transfers this year. This is an English professional footballer that has been part of the Chelsea club since 2016. Since the club signed Romelu Lukaku, Abraham’s future at this club was under constant threat. Roma required a striker, and so they signed Tammy Abraham.

The latest football transfers news also cover Raphael Varane

This French professional footballer was part of the Real Madrid club since the summer of 2011. He has been playing as center-back under this club. Recently, the Manchester United club signed him to play a central defender. Since he is among the world’s best football players, the transfer fee was relatively high.

Romelu Lukaku

According to soccer transfers rumours, the poor financial situation of Inter Milan forced this club to let go of some of its best football players. One of the players that transferred from this club is Romelu Lukaku. This Belgian professional footballer is now playing as a striker for the club Chelsea. He is also a key player on the Belgium national team. His excellent soccer skills make him among the most expensive players to sign.

Christian Romero

This is an Argentine professional footballer that plays center back. He is among the youngest footballer that has great potential and room to grow. Christian Romero has been playing for Argentina’s national team and Atlanta club.

Atlanta took Christian Romero on loan for about two years. This club then paid up $16m to sign the player permanently this year. There was a possible negotiation of $50m to move this football player to Tottenham. Though this is a loan for this season, Tottenham may sign him permanently in 2022.