Welcome to Betzest, the best bookmaker in the industry. One of the things that make us different is our diversity when it comes to the sports that we cover. Betzest takes virtual sports betting seriously, so join us and bet on virtual sports now! One of the opportunities that we offer our punters is online Virtual Dog Race betting. We provide not only stunning graphics for this virtual sport but also quality sound effects. 

Betzest also offers so many dog races that you can bet on every day throughout the year. You will also get access to the best Virtual Dog Race odds and so many betting options you can pick from. Ready to bet? Make use of the $5 that we offer as the no deposit bonus. We can also double the amount you deposit here so that you have more cash to bet on these races.

Introduction to online Virtual Dog Race betting

This type of betting involves placing wagers on the outcome of Virtual Dog races. Betzest has cutting-edge dog races that you can bet on. A race takes only a few minutes, and the next one starts immediately after the previous one ends. Each race includes up to 8 dogs. Feel free to bet on one or more dogs.

A random number generator determines the outcomes of these races. At Betzest, you can bet on these races at any time, even at night. We work hand in hand with the best developers who ensure that these races are as realistic as possible.

How to bet on Virtual Dog Race

Betzest gives you different betting options that you can pick from. Some of them are discussed as follows.

Forecast– In this option, you have to predict which dogs will be the first two to cross the finishing line. Under this betting market, you can either focus on a straight forecast or reverse forecast.

Tricast– This differs from the first betting market in that you have to predict the first three dogs to cross the finish line first. They have to be in a certain order for your bet to go through.

Winner bets– Apart from the unique betting options, Betzest also offers common options such as this one. This involves backing one dog to be the overall winner of the race. You have to check the Virtual Dog Race betting odds that we offer before placing a bet.

Focus on our high Virtual Dog Race betting odds

Betzest offers odds that can help you while betting on these races. Every race begins with a list that shows all the dogs competing, their numbers, and the Virtual Dog Race odds we set for each dog. Analyzing the odds can help you make more informed decisions.

Let these Virtual Dog Race betting tips guide you

These races are beginner-friendly. You don’t have to study the form or check the history for you to win. The most useful Virtual Dog Race betting tips include betting small amounts and managing your bankroll. Do not forget to use the free bets that Betzest offers for you to save some cash.

When it comes to virtual sports betting, Betzest fulfills the tastes of every bettor. If you wish to bet on Virtual Dog Races, you only need to register and start watching the races. No matter if we are talking about virtual dog race or virtual football world cup betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite virtual sport! Have fun!


Do I need to implement certain betting strategies to win?

No. Betting on these races is quite straightforward.

Are the tracks and dogs real?

No. We use fictional dogs and tracks in such races.

What features should I expect from these races?

Betzest includes incredible sound effects and graphics in these races to give you an immersive experience.

How long do the dog races last?

These races last for only three minutes.

Are these races fair?

Yes. Since Betzest is a well-regulated site that uses a random number generator in Virtual Dog races, they are fair.