Virtual Football World Cup Betting

Do you always look forward to the World cup? You no longer have to wait for four years to bet on this famous event. Welcome to Betzest, where we give you the chance to bet on Virtual World Cup 365 days a year. You can bet on football matches at any time you desire and enjoy making money from them. Betzest is the best bookmaker that offers an excellent experience regarding virtual sports betting!

We allow you to engage in this form of betting from the comfort of your home and present so many betting markets that you can pick from. Betzest also stands out since we offer the best virtual world cup betting odds that you can rely on. Since we offer numerous matches that start every three minutes, you can always have something to bet on. To start enjoying this, you only need to create an account with us and utilize our captivating bonuses.

Find out how online virtual world cup betting works

Virtual World Cup is a simulated event that we offer for the purpose of betting. It is an electronically produced version of actual football games. Unlike actual football games that take around 90 minutes, betting on Virtual World Cup is more exciting since you don’t have to wait for that long to find out if you made a correct bet. You can also enjoy betting on this since we include quality graphics and even live commentary in Virtual World Cup.

This is how you can bet on virtual world cup

If you are ready to engage in online Virtual World Cup betting, you only need to open an account here and fund it. You can then check the diverse markets and excellent virtual world cup odds that we offer. Since Virtual World Cup is the replica of the real football event, the betting markets are not different. Some of the options that Betzest offers include the following.

Moneyline bets-Though the virtual football matches last for a shorter duration, you can still focus on this market. For instance, you can predict which team will win in a game.

Winning margin– In Virtual World Cup, the total number of goals that can be scored is four due to the less time. In this option, you can predict the number of goals the winning team will win with.

Over/ under goals-In setting the odds, Betzest predicts the combined score of two football teams. You have to predict whether the score will be either lower or higher than that number.

Check out our Virtual World Cup betting odds

Whether you prefer backing Germany or Brazil in the World cup, you have to pay attention to Virtual World Cup odds that Betzest offers. Analyzing the odds can help you find valuable opportunities and even learn how much profits you should expect from this.

Use the following Virtual World Cup betting tips

If you want to succeed in this form of betting, start by placing small amounts. Since favorites are weighted, sometimes backing them can help you succeed. Even if you are looking forward to making money from this, you should remember to have fun. These are the Virtual World Cup betting tips that most of our punters follow.

Betzest is constantly looking for more exciting ways to boost your betting experience. Offering virtual betting on the World Cup has enabled us to achieve this. Try it out today and enjoy its numerous benefits.

No matter if we are talking about virtual football betting or virtual football league mode betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite virtual sport! Have fun!


Why should I place bets on Virtual World Cup?

Betzest offers football matches that you bet on every day. Since the games are available every few minutes, you can win some real cash from betting.

Is it easy to win while betting on Virtual World Cup?

Yes. You don’t need so much knowledge of football to make money from this.

Why are virtual football games limited to a few goals?

This is because the games last for only a few minutes.

Does Virtual World Cup include real teams?

No. The teams and players that engage in the virtual world are fictional.

Are the games fair?

Yes. Since Betzest uses a computer algorithm in determining the outcome of such football games, they are fair.