What are kings and queens worth in blackjack?

Have you been playing slots but are looking for a different kind of experience with online gambling? You are not alone. Many players at Betzest casino are always exploring different games. You can try your luck in blackjack variants. This is an interesting casino game that comes with some simple rules.  Some of the cards that you have to use during your gameplay include a king and queen. Before you click start, you should learn the value of each card.

More on card values

Kings and queens in blackjack both have a value of ten. If you use this card well, it can help you create a natural. You should work hard to get a hand that is closest to 21. If, for instance, you have a king or queen and an ace, you will beat the dealer. This hand is referred to as the natural. In this case, the ace has a value of 11, and the king or queen has a value of ten. The total value of your cards will therefore be 21. If you are lucky to form this hand, you should expect a payout of 3:2.

Can you split a king and queen in blackjack?

Apart from understanding the card value, you should also learn the rules that apply in this casino game. One of the options that you have when playing this game is splitting. Sometimes, splitting cards can give you a better chance of winning as you play this card game. Learning when to split cards is crucial.

If, for instance, you receive two cards that have the same value, you can split them. For instance, you can split two aces, two kings, or two fours. Can you split a king and queen in blackjack? This depends on the variant you are playing. Some of the games give you the liberty to split these cards even if they are not identical since they both have a value of ten points.

When you are playing such a game and split these cards, you have to place an extra bet that is equal to the initial wager. This will cover the second hand. Once you split these cards, they will be separated to form two hands. You can then receive an extra card for each new hand. As you play blackjack, you should understand that the rules regarding splitting sometimes vary from one variant to the next.

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