What are the biggest blackjack wins at an online casino?

Have you been searching for an interesting casino game that can help you make significant profits? If yes, you should consider blackjack. This captivates the attention of many since it has low odds and is a skill-based game.Using certain strategies can even help you lower the house edge even further. Many people have managed to get significant blackjack wins. If you have been wondering how much you can make from the blackjack game, check out some of the biggest winners in this game’s history.

Kerry Packer got the biggest blackjack win of about $40 million

If you have been playing blackjack for a while, you have probably heard of this name. Kerry Packer is one of the players that got among the biggest blackjack wins more than once. He was so lucky that on one occasion, he won $40 million. To top it off, he was already a millionaire by the time he won this amount. One of the strategies that Kerry implemented to win such big amounts is betting the max on this game.

Don Johnson-$15 million

This CEO was also lucky enough to get a significant blackjack win that amounted to $15 million. He is an avid player that has learned the importance of practice in this casino game. This player has been betting on blackjack for a long time and has a good record of winning streaks. Being a strategic player has helped him get the biggest blackjack win in the history of this game. Like Kerry, Don Jonson is also a millionaire that wins more than he loses in blackjack tables.

Ken Uston-$4.5 million

If you have been dreaming of getting the biggest blackjack wins, you can learn a few things from the likes of Ken Uston. This is also another successful player that managed to get a blackjack win of about $4.5million. Key Uston has taught players how to count cards in this casino game. You can implement this strategy while playing live online blackjack from Betzest casino. Ken was so good atthe game that he somehow forcedcasinos to make this game harder.

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Though blackjack is an ancient game, it is still quite popular in the gaming industry today. Anyone, including you, can enjoy great blackjack wins like these players. You only need to learn the rules, do enough practice and use the right strategy.