What is the best free blackjack game that you can play at Betzest Casino?

Blackjack is among the most popular card games that man people in Canada play today. This is an easy casino game that you can learn to play. Since the blackjack game has different variants, identifying the best free game that you should play is crucial.

Though Betzest offers different blackjack variants, most gamers prefer Double exposure blackjack. The site allows you to play this game for free. Free play is important since you can learn all the blackjack rules that apply here before you bet with real cash. Read on to learn how to play this game for free.

The basics of Double exposure blackjack card game

This free blackjack game is more attractive compared to the classic version. Even if you have never played any blackjack online game, you will enjoy this variant. The game begins with you receiving virtual currency from the Betzest. You can use this to make bets on this game just like you would while betting with real cash.

In other blackjack variants, the dealer has one card facing down and another one facing up. This concept is different in double exposure blackjack since here; the dealer has both cards facing up. This also differs from the rest of the games since the variant pays 1 to 1 instead of 3 to 2. As you practice playing this free blackjack game, you will realize that there is no option of surrender.

Some of the moves that you can make in this game include doubling down if you have a 10, 11, or 9. If you decide to split a hand when you have, for instance, a pair of aces, you cannot obtain a natural.Many people consider this blackjack card game as the best because it has a house edge of 0.67%. This means that if you were to play it for real money for a long time, you would enjoy an RTP rate of 99.3%.

Why you should play this blackjack online game free

By playing this blackjack game free, you don’t put yourself at any risk. You can make mistakes without paying for them with your cash. The free mode also gives you a chance to have fun when you want to relieve stress. You can practice the basic strategy that you should use in Double exposure blackjack by playing it free of charge!
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