What is the difference between French and American roulette, and which one should you choose?

One of the casino games that many punters in Canada bet on is roulette. Though this game has existed for a long time, it remains popular despite the introduction of many other games. Online casinos, including Betzest, give you a chance to place bets on the roulette game. You can pick from different variants of this game. Some of the popular variants that you can consider include French and American roulette. Finding out how they differ and which one is a better option is crucial before you start betting.

Before we discuss the differences, you should learn the basics of online roulette. This game involves placing bets while predicting where you think a ball will land once the spinning wheel stops. The roulette wheel contains different numbered pockets. If you manage to make accurate predictions, you will be paid you depending on the amount you used to bet. Here are the variants and how they differ.

French roulette

This is an interesting roulette game that you should consider playing. The French variant comes with a wheel that has numbers ranging between 1 and 36. Apart from this, it includes a single zero pocket. The numbers of the roulette wheel follow a certain sequence. When you look at this wheel closely, you will notice certain features in the layout. For instance, in the French variant wheel, the black and red numbers always alternate. Low and high numbers also alternate in this wheel. Even and odd numbers are evenly spread out around the wheel. From such observations, it is evident that the order of these numbers in this online roulette variant is not random.

American roulette online

The roulette wheel of this variant looks a bit different. Though the wheel still has numbers that range between 1 and 36, this wheel also has double and single zero pockets. You can also notice a different pattern in how the numbers are displayed on the wheel of this roulette game. For instance, the sequence does not have visual balance. Low and high numbers are more on this wheel, and the even and odd numbers tend to appear beside one another.

So, how do they differ?

One of the key differences between French roulette and the American variant is the layouts for the respective wheels. While the French variant contains 37 pockets, American roulette online has 38 pockets. The house edge of the French variant is 2.7%. When it comes to the RTP, this game can pay back 97.3%.

It is better than the American variant, which has a house edge of 5.26%. It means that the average RTP rate of this game is 94.74%. Though some bettors like the low betting limits set for American roulette, choosing the French variant can help you enjoy better payouts. Since Betzest offers both games, you should start playing for free to assess which one you like better. Online roulette is fair since this game is based on a random number generator.


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