What roulette rules should you always apply when betting online?

Roulette is among the casino games that offer numerous ways of betting. If you want to engage in this game, you can bet on it from Betzest casino. This betting site gives you access to different roulette variants. Successful bettors in this game practice the game and are also keen on roulette rules. You should learn how to play this game correctly to minimize your chances of losing. Read on.

roulette rules

How to play the online roulette game

Before you start playing online roulette Canada, you should learn about the table layout of this game. Betzest gives you a chance to play this casino game for free so that you can learn its basics. Once you open the game, you will come across a green area in the roulette table designed for placing bets. The game consists of a spinning wheel. You will also notice a small ball on the wheel.

According to the roulette rules, you have to predict in which slot this ball will land on the wheel after it stops spinning. If your prediction is correct, Betzest casino will award you. The roulette wheel has a different number of slots based on the casino roulette online variant you choose. If, for instance, you select the French roulette, you should expect the wheel to come with 37 slots. This includes numbered pockets from 1-36. The numbered pockets have a random pattern and include red and black colors.

The other slot in this game comes with a single zero. This shows the advantage that the house has in the online roulette game. If the small ball lands on the zero slot in French roulette, bets on more than a single number are lost.

Apart from playing the traditional version of this casino game, you can also check out European roulette. This also has a single zero pocket and follows the same rules as the French roulette version. While these games come with a low house edge, the American version has a higher house edge. This is because its wheel comes with a double zero pocket.

In casino roulette online, you can place different bets such as inside and outside bets. Apart from the basic rules of this game, online roulette Canada has additional rules such as the En Prison and La Partage rule. Once you get familiar with the roulette rules, you can now start betting on this game with real cash. All the best!