Why online sports betting is so popular in Canada 

Though sports wagering was banned in Canada before the 1970s, things have significantly changed over the years. Betting on sports is now so popular in the country. It now generates profits in billions. If you are not among the people engaging in sports betting, you are missing out. Check out some of the reasons why this form of gambling has become so popular in Canada. 

It boosts finances 

Many Canadians who engage in online sports betting earn more cash than they invested in different games. Since more people in Canada have realized that sports betting can boost one’s financial condition, they spend more time wagering on different sports. Sports fans at Betzest sportsbook no longer rely on luck alone to win in this form of gambling. They make smart decisions that can increase their chances of earning more. 


When Canada legalized online sports wagering, fans used to visit land-based sportsbooks to engage. Things have changed since many people now prefer betting on sports from home. Betting on different sports through the internet has become quite convenient since one does not have to travel to any land-based site anymore. This has significantly led to the popularity of online sports wagering.  

Numerous options 

Canadian sports betting is also popular due to the endless options available. Betting sites such as Betzest give bettors a chance to bet on all kinds of sports. Whether you prefer following football or basketball matches, you can never lack a game to bet on. This sportsbook not only gives Canadians a chance to bet on individual matches but also major and minor leagues.  

A wide range of betting markets 

Another reason why Canadian sports betting is quite popular is the diverse betting markets available.  The digital space gives sports fans access to so many markets that make this form of betting quite exciting. This diversity leads to numerous winning opportunities.  

Online sports betting comes with different rewards 

The multiple rewards available have also made sports betting quite popular. Online sportsbooks such as Betzest are always looking for ways to attract more customers. They, therefore, offer all kinds of incentives that can help one boost their bankroll. The rewards come in the form of bonuses that are marketed towards new and experienced sports bettors. Since many people like free things, they don’t like missing out on such rewards. Bonuses make betting on sports more exciting.