Why should you bet on live sports like Formula 1?

A lot of Motorsports fans follow Formula 1 races closely.  Bookmakers such as Betzest in Canada give you a chance to bet on Formula 1 in different ways. You can either bet on the game before the race begins or during the race. Engaging in live sports betting is the most interesting form that many people choose.

This involves placing a bet on Formula 1 as the action unfolds.  You should consider betting on live sports since you can make money in real-time before the race ends. Betzest offers different markets that you can use during live wagering on Formula 1. By placing bets on this sport live, you can easily find value in certain markets as the odds change.

By engaging in formula 1 betting live, you can also earn unique bonuses that can help you grow your bankroll. Before you start betting on the race live, you should look for live streaming opportunities. This can help you make judgment calls as you watch the race.

How to bet on formula 1

If you are ready to take part in formula 1 betting live, you should learn the best way to do it. Though in-play betting is quite exciting, every decision you make can either make you win or lose your bet. Start by signing up with a good site such as Betzest, then check the odds that this site displays for different markets. Some of the types of live bets that you can make in formula 1 include the following.

  • Race winner– This involves predicting which driver you think will win the race. Every time the lead changes, so do the betting odds displayed.
  • Top 3– Apart from predicting the race winner, you can also place bets on the top 3 racers. The odds for this betting option also change as the race progresses. You have to be attentive for you to win through this market.
  • Speed row bets-You can also bet on Formula 1 live by focusing on this option. Here, different drivers are pitted against one another. Your job is to predict which driver within a certain group is likely to have the highest finish in the race.
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To succeed in betting on such live sports, you have to understand the different concepts of the race. Doing extensive research can also improve your chances of making accurate predictions. This is how to bet on Formula 1 like a pro.