Esports League of Legends Betting

League of Legends is a popular esports that captivates the attention of many players and spectators. If you have always wanted to bet on this esport, welcome aboard. Betzest can help you bet on Esport LOL and even make some cash from it. We give you the best esports odds and we offer promotions that you can use to start betting on this esport.

Betzest is different since we offer diverse markets and display the best Esport League of Legends betting odds. We cover most of the League of Legends events such as the World Championships, the championship series, and Kespa cup. Betzest also allows you to make in-play bets as the match takes place.

Learn more about the esport before engaging in League of Legends betting

Since Riot Games came up with MOBA game in 2009, so many people have been betting on it. Before you engage in League of Legends betting, you should first understand its basics. League of Legends is a real-time strategy video game that involves two teams consisting of five players that compete against one another on a particular map.

Every team works hard to try and take the opponent’s base. For a team to win, it has to destroy the nexus. This represents the crystal that is located at the center of the opponent’s base. Before a team can get to the opponent’s nexus, it has to go through numerous obstacles like turrets and minions. The League of Legends tournaments that Betzest covers are played on a 5v5 map. In the video game, the map is divided into two sections so that each team has its own territory with the main structure. At Betzest, we ensure that all our bettors have a good time while they engage in online Esport LOL betting.

Why engage in online Esport League of Legends betting from Betzest

Betzest is a well-regulated and licensed sportsbook that prioritizes fulfilling the needs of bettors. Betting on Esport League of legends from our site can help you enjoy peace of mind. We protect your financial details and allow you to make real money as you bet on this esport.

We have the best Esport League of Legends betting odds since we pay attention to crucial variables before setting them. As Riot games keep on releasing updates for this multiplayer-focused video game, Betzest follows such patches closes and amends the Esport League of Legends odds accordingly.  

How to bet on Esport League of Legends

Once you have created an account here, you can proceed to our betting options. With Betzest, you can choose from our diverse betting markets. Some of the betting markets that we offer for this esport include money line bets, outright bets, total bets, spread bets, and parlay bets.

The Esport LOL betting tips you should use

For you to succeed in this game, we recommend that you pay attention to certain Esport LOL betting tips. Start by studying team stats for you to make more accurate decisions. Also, use the free betting opportunities that we offer.

Betzest offers unbeatable Esport League of Legends odds and covers all the popular events on this game. Register an account today to start enjoying betting on this esport.

No matter if we are talking about league of legends or starcraft betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite esport! Have fun!


Which special bets do you offer for the Esport LOL?

We at Betzest give you a chance to make so many special bets. For instance, you can predict which team will destroy the tower first or which team will kill Baron.

How can I know the amount I should expect from betting on this sport?

Using our odds can help you calculate potential payouts.

Should I only focus on major events?

No. Since Betzest covers both major and minor league of legends tournaments, you should check both options since you can make significant wins from them.

How long do such games last?

Such games last between 15-60 minutes.

If I am a beginner, which betting market should I focus on?

Betzest offers Moneyline bets specifically for beginners since you only need to predict the winner of a match.