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Learn the basics of this sports before you bet on boxing

Boxing is a contact sport that takes place in a particular fighting zone. Learning its basics is important before placing bets. It takes place between two fighters that strike on another with gloved fists. Each boxer tries their best to win different rounds and score the highest number of points. A boxer can win from knocking out their opponent. Boxers have to compete in different weight classes.

At Betzest, we give you a chance to watch different boxing events and display great boxing odds that you can use to make accurate predictions. We cover not only less popular boxing matches but also significant tournaments and leagues.

How to engage in online boxing betting

Betzest is dedicated to giving you numerous boxing betting markets that are hard to find elsewhere. Some of them include the following.

Round betting– Betzest offers the best boxing betting odds for this market. Round betting involves backing a boxer that you think can win a particular round. We also offer two forms of this betting market, namely specific round betting and grouped round betting.

Winning method– This is also another exciting betting market that Betzest offers experienced bettors. You can back a particular fighter to win by a particular means such as by technical knockout, disqualification, or knockout.

Outright winner– Once you have taken the time to analyze our odds carefully, you can focus on this market. It involves backing a fighter who you think has the highest chance of defeating an opponent in a match.

Use our excellent boxing odds as you bet on this sport on mobile

If you enjoy online boxing betting but are not always at home to bet from your desktop, we’ve got you covered. Betzest can give you an unforgettable mobile boxing betting experience. We consistently provide solid boxing betting lines for different matches and allow you to access them even through a mobile device. Keep on checking these odds before backing any fighter since things can change fast. Betzest allows you to bet on this sport from a tablet, iPhone, or even iPad.

The boxing betting tips you should use

At Betzest, we encourage all our bettors to gain enough knowledge on this sport to increase the chances of succeeding while betting.  Learn the history of this sport and find out which fighters have been performing well over the years. Only back fighters who are serious with this career. Since Betzest also offers so many promotions, you should also utilize them so that you can save some cash as you bet on this sport. Using such boxing betting tips can help you enjoy engaging in this sport.

Betzest is a reputable sportsbook that has numerous fights and boxing markets. Create an account with us today and find an ideal betting option. No matter if we are talking about boxing, baseball or cricket betting Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite sport!


How do fighters qualify for professional boxing?

 A certain criterion is used to determine who can qualify. For instance, one has to have a background in boxing, pass a medical and be above 18.

Can I win as I bet on boxing?

Yes. Start by learning the basics of this contact sport and create betting systems that can help you succeed.

Can I place a moneyline bet in this sport?

Yes. Betzest offers this straightforward betting option that beginners can use.

How does knockout and technical knockout differ?

When a fighter knocks the opponent unconscious, they win through a means known as a knockout. Technical knockout happens when the referee stops the match since an opponent is not fighting back.

Can I bet on this sport safely?

Yes. Betzest allows you to place bets on boxing safely since we take the necessary security measures to protect you.