Virtual Basketball Betting

Have you ever heard of virtual sports betting? Do you love betting on basketball games but cannot get any live games that you can bet on? Worry not, since Betzest has got your back. We give all our basketball fans a chance to bet on Virtual Basketball. You can engage any day, any time throughout the year. Betzest presents every aspect of the game in high definition.

We offer not only consistent enjoyment but also the best Virtual Basketball odds that you can rely on.  Betzest even has so many wagering opportunities that you can pick from. All you need to start is open an account here and start choosing the basketball team you want to support.

Find out how online Virtual Basketball betting works

Betzest gives basketball fans the chance to bet on different tournaments that are made up of 30 match days. All the basketball matches take only four minutes to complete. This ensures that you can always have a game that you can bet on. On every match day, two teams compete against one another. 

You can bet on such a match in different ways. Since online Virtual Basketball betting is not very different from the actual sport, you may recognize the teams if you are not new to sports betting. Betzest allows you to place season-long wagers on this Virtual sport. We also allow our punters to bet on this Virtual sport from different devices, including mobile or desktop.

How to bet on Virtual Basketball

Betzest offers numerous bets that you can make every season. Some of them include the following.

Accumulator bets– This involves combining different bets into a single mega wager. Doing this can boost your odds when betting on Virtual Basketball.

Winners bet– Betzest offers this simple market to beginners. You only need to bet on the team you predict will win a single match.

Total points bet– This involves predicting how big you think the total points that will be scored in a virtual basketball match will be.

Betting on the score in a quarter- You can also place a wager on the points you predict are going to be scored in a quarter of the basketball game.

Reading our exciting Virtual Basketball betting odds

If you are not new to basketball betting, then our Virtual Basketball odds will not feel very different. Betzest presents the Virtual Basketball betting odds in Moneyline form. If, for instance, you see odds represented like this (Chicago -120, New York +105), it means that Chicago is the favorite while New York is the underdog. If you support Chicago and place a bet of $120 on the team, you will earn a payout of $100 if it wins.

Let the following Virtual Basketball betting tips guide you

Though betting on Virtual Basketball is simple, you still need to use the right Virtual Basketball betting tips to benefit from it. Pay close attention to your bankroll and utilize the free bets that Betzest offers to save some cash. You should also trust your judgment as you bet on this Virtual sport.

Whether you prefer betting on Los Angeles or Memphis, you can do this comfortably from here. Betzest is dedicated to giving you the best experience as you bet on this virtual sport. No matter if we are talking about virtual basketball or virtual dog race betting, Betzest gives you everything you require to start placing bets on your favourite virtual game!


What is Virtual Basketball?

This is a simulated competition that involves fictional basketball players and teams. Betzest uses a computer algorithm that controls the game action.

Can I bet on this sport even at night?

Yes. We at Betzest ensure that such games are available 24/7 throughout the year.

When should I expect payouts if I win from betting on Virtual basketball?

Betzest pays out winners within three business days.

Is betting on Virtual Basketball legal?

Yes. Since Betzest is a well-regulated site, you can bet on this Virtual sport without worrying about breaking the law.

Where do you get these Virtual Basketball games from?

Betzest works with the best developers who supply us with different virtual sports, including basketball.